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Father Forces Sick Daughter To Go To School Despite Being Attached To IV Drip

Is your daughter’s school attendance more important that her health?


For most people, education is a right, a privilege, and a key to opportunity. Although being a graduate doesn’t necessarily mean that you are better than those who are not, as hard work and perseverance will always be important keys to your success, many still believe that not having a diploma will be a big disadvantage.

With that said, parents would do anything to give their children the best education possible. However, some of them pressure their kids way too much. Just take this one father from China, for example. He made his daughter attend the first day of school despite the fact that she still had an IV drip.

According to a report, the 10-year-old student was sick for four days. Her fever was so high that needed an IV drip. But the father didn’t want her daughter’s sickness to ruin her studies and so he made her go to school.

He said:

“We don’t have culture, but we hope that our children can have culture. We wanted her to come and take a look at the scope of education offered at schools like Hengshui Middle School … she really wanted to feel the atmosphere [here]. We have had this dream from when she was young.”

In the video, the father can be seen holding what looks like a wooden pole with his daughter’s IV drip attached to the top as they were spotted in Hengshui Middle School in Hebei province.

He can also be heard telling his daughter that she “must get in,” and “you must not fail to live up to your daddy’s expectations of you.”

Although his action seemed ridiculous, some of the netizens actually sided with the father.

Some of the comments read:

“The children of ordinary people can only see a bit of hope while taking this path. I really understand the father’s good intentions.”

“The real lesson in frustration for parents is not creating difficulties for your child to overcome, but giving your child enough love and understanding, and making them believe that even the most awful circumstances can be overcome.”


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