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Girl Challenges Her Dad To A Dance Battle And He Doesn’t Disappoint!





The father and daughter bond is common due to what scientific experts call the Electra complex. They have a close connection that is amiable and should be used to create good memories and events together. In this video we found, a young girl was dancing marvelously in their living room when his dad passed by. Still holding a broomstick, he watched his daughter jiggle and go crazy to the music. Suddenly, he dropped the broomstick and started an act of his own. He busted some moves and soon enough, we found ourselves in the front seat of a father-and-daughter dance showdown.

We knew right then where this young girl got her incredible moves as both of them were fantastic! However, what amazed us the most was their fun and light bond. It is not everyday that we see parents and children get along so harmoniously these days. But with this video, we believe such bond still exists.

Watch the video here:

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