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Famous People Caught on Camera Admiring the Good Looks of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau





A lot of eyes are on you if you’re a politician. And if you’re Justin Trudeau, we’re pretty sure more people are probably looking your way.

Love him or hate him, there’s just no denying that Canada’s prime minister is a charismatic leader and an absolute headturner. Leading a country may never be easy but judging from the photos below, its a big help if you’re as good-looking as this guy.

Born December 25, 1971, Trudeau became the second youngest prime minister (after Joe Clark) to lead Canada when he officially assumed office in November 2015. He has since captured the admiration not only of the common folks but even some of the world’s most popular personalities.

Go check out the images below and see for yourself:

1. Ivanka Trump

The daughter of US President Donald Trump was sure thrilled when she met the handsome 47-year-old Canadian leader. This pictures show Trudeau visiting them at the White House and Ivanka just couldn’t help herself. She had to stare lovingly – and everything was caught on camera.

2. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge from the U.K, is also obviously amazed by Trudeau’s smile. Observe. Her body language could not hide it.

3. Emma Watson

You must be so attractive when even Belle of Beauty and the Beast gets caught staring at you this way! Hollywood actress Emma Watson (and that guy behind her) sure loves Trudeau.

4. Barack Obama

Former US president Barack Obama also can’t stop looking at Trudeau’s face. Actually, we can’t blame him!

5. Queen Elizabeth II

Even the Queen of England herself as to stare in awe.

6. Queen Rania Al Abdullah

Jordan’s Queen Rania Al Abdullah had the chance to sit beside Trudeau during a United Nations conference. She looks really happy in this pic.

7. Donald Trump

The photo says it all. US President Donald Trump is probably a Trudeau fanboy.

8. Jia Panpan and Yueyue

Lastly, these pandas are so lucky they got a cuddle from the prime minister.

Well if you think current Trudeau is already attractive, wait til you see his younger self!

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