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Fake Cop Gets Arrested After Pulling Over Real Police Officers

Definitely NOT his lucky day!

  • Valiery Portlock, 25 years old, posed as a fake cop in Hicksville, Long Island in New York.
  • Unfortunately for him, he pulled over a van carrying detectives from the electronic squad of the police department.
  • Portlock attempted to escape them but he was immediately stopped by highway patrol officers.
  • He is now facing two charges as a result of his actions.

We know that headline sounds like the perfect plot for a comedy movie but yes, as dumb and funny as it sounds, this really happened in real life.

A fake cop recently had the unluckiest day of his life when he unknowingly pulled over a van of real detectives. As anyone can easily imagine, things didn’t go well for the fraudster.

The incident happened in New York City where the dumb guy pretending to be a policeman decided to pull over an unmarked vehicle. Unknown to him, real officers were inside the said van.

Meet Valiery Portlock: possibly the world’s unluckiest guy!

This has been confirmed by a report by the Nassau County police which tells us that Valiery Portlock tried to pull the van over in Hicksville, Long Island on a Friday morning. The vehicle carried detectives from the electronic squad of the police department and when they introduced themselves to Portlock, he panicked and quickly attempted to escape, “swerving his Nissan Sentra into oncoming traffic and speeding off towards the Long Island Expressway,” according to LadBible.

He was, however, immediately captured by highway patrol officers and did not resist the arrest.

Not surprisingly, his story eventually went viral on social media.

In an ABC 7 report, we learn that the 25-year-old crook is already in custody of the authorities. He will be charged with criminal impersonation and reckless endangerment. So that’s double the headache for him.

Court records, however, do not list a lawyer who can be contacted for further comments about Portlock’s case.


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