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These are the Breathtaking Real-Life Locations of Game of Thrones

These locations look awesome in real life as they are on TV.

The fifth season of Game of Thrones has just wrapped up and we have to wait for almost one year before we get to Season 6. Until then, we have to wait reeeeal patiently and deal with our GOT withdrawal symptoms by discussing ad infinitum, ad nauseam the fate of Jon Snow. You can also use the downtime to read up about the fascinating facts about the show. For instance, have you ever wondered where on Earth did HBO shoot those stunningly picturesque scenes? You may think that these can be just a product of CGI, but believe it or not, most of the show’s locations are actually real places you can visit.

Fictional location: Qarth


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In real-life: Dubrovnik’s Minceta Tower in Croatia


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Qarth was highly featured during Season 3, focusing mostly at the House of the Undying, where Daenerys Targaryen came looking for her stolen dragons.The house of the warlocks was actually Minceta Tower, often regarded as the symbol of the city of Dubrovnik.

Fictional location: Vaes Dothrak


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In real-life: the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland’s County Down


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The vast lands in which the Dothraki reign supreme was shot at the grassy fields surrounding Mourne Mountains. The scenery was also the inspiration for the Chronicles of Narnia.

Fictional location: Mereen

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In real-life: Kliss Fortress in Split, Croatia


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Croatia seems to be a favorite for the Targaryen queen’s location shoots. The Kliss Fortress was used for the turbulent events of Mereen. The fortress has a rocky history, having been conquered numerous times and its original appearance has yet to be known.
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Model’s Beach Shoot Interrupted By Illegal Immigrant Videobombers

This model had to stop posing after several illegal immigrants were seen in the background hopping off a boat and running towards the shore.

Making a great on-location video shoot is never a simple thing. First and foremost, you will need competitive equipment such as cameras, lighting, and others. On top of that, you also have to work with a professional crew and a good model. Of course, post-production work will shortly follow after the shoot so you can edit and add appropriate music to your heart’s content.

So it must really be annoying if you get to encounter unwanted interruptions while you are filming on your chosen location, right?

Well, this is exactly what happened on a Miami beach when a model was posing for a shoot. ...

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Frozen Star Kristen Bell Leaves Heartwarming Voicemail For Young Fan With Brain Tumor

Kristen Bell just made a young fan extremely happy!

It looks like Arendelle has a new honorary princess.

Actress Kristen Bell who voiced Anna in the smash hit animated movie Frozen just dropped a heartwarming voice mail for Avery Huffman, a 6-year-old fan suffering from Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

The Frozen star was into full character as she spoke and cheered up the young fan....

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This Superman Fanatic Underwent 23 Surgeries to Look Exactly Like The “Man of Steel”

This Superman fan have taken his fandom to the extremes by getting 23 surgeries and procedures to look like his favorite hero.

At one point during our younger years, we’ve all dreamed of becoming superheroes. I, for one, remember walking out of the theater after seeing Tim Burton’s Batman movie feeling convinced I want to be a crime fighter when I grow older. Beating bad guys’ butts while wearing a mask sounded like a productive thing to do in life.

Many years later, I outgrew my fantasies and realized it wasn’t really a good idea after all.

And then there are people like this guy who never gave up on the obsession.


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