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Exhausted Mom Shamed For Leaving Baby On Airport Floor Reveals The Real Story

A mother who was spotted on her phone while her baby was lying on the airport floor was bullied online by strangers.


The social media platforms have become a huge, digital open forum board where people post about just anything they want to share with others. Many have fought for the right to have freedom of expression even on social media, but some have seemingly abused such privilege and go overboard by shaming others.

We see hundreds of daily testimonies from social media users who happen to witness some weird stuff, inspiring acts, funny stunts or anger-provoking scenes. People flock over these kinds of posts and easily leave a comment without even finding out the real story behind the posts. There are already those who have been bullied online for a post about them that went viral for the wrong reasons, and this is why they always say to “always think before you click.”

This deleted post had been shared thousands of times featured this exhausted mother letting her baby lie on the floor while she was on her phone.

This is how the internet world had shown cruelty to a mother named Molly Lensing, last year. Molly had been making headlines on social media news feeds s after a photo of her sitting in an airport while her infant daughter was lying on a blanket sprawled out on the floor near her feet circulated online.

Some guy captured the scene and shared the photo on Facebook with shaming a shaming caption, tagging her as an “idiot.” Like any other posts of the same theme, Molly was immediately judged by thousands of people she has never met before. Netizens were very quick to assume and imagine the story behind the photo, and this placed Molly in a bad position as a mother.

Little do strangers who judged because of the photo posted by a man, Molly is a dedicated mother to her three children.

Source: facebook

Although the storm has already calmed down for Molly, she still lives in the horror of being bad-mouthed on the internet. But now she wants to set things straight and is talking about the viral photo which should have never been shared in the first place. Molly Lensing tells in an interview:

“We had the unfortunate luck of being stuck in the middle of the Delta computer shut-down.”

Molly revealed that her flight had been delayed and re-booked several times, making her and her then two-month-old daughter, Anastasia, stuck in the airport for more than 20 hours. Molly continued to lay down the real story behind her baby lying on the floor saying:

“Anastasia had been held, or was in her baby carrier, for many hours. My arms were tired. She needed to stretch…And I had to communicate with all the family members wondering where the heck we were.”

Molly revealed that she only saw the photo several months after it made rounds online. She said that she had been harassed by strangers who also shamed her for her photo. She said:

“I absolutely feel as though my privacy was violated.”

Molly works as a pediatric nurse and is a mom of three, herself. After her photo became the talk of the internet world, she grew worried that her boss and co-workers would see the photo and would later jeopardize her job. Fortunately, her fears never happened.

Molly was still fortunate that there were mothers who supported her even after her photo went viral. She recalled the understanding saying:

“The positive support has been relieving…It affirms what I always knew about the situation- I did nothing wrong and my baby was perfectly safe.”


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