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40 Times Everyday Simple Objects Became Beloved Pop Culture Icons

No doubt #28 will make you laugh hard.


You’ve probably experienced looking at something and seeing it a bit differently. For instance, you’re looking at a billboard advertising a yummy cinnamon roll. But somehow, a few seconds after, you’re already seeing an anguished character from a video game you played before. It’s both surprising and hilarious at the same time, right?

This is actually called pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon in which your mind responds to a stimulus (usually a sound or image). Eventually, it perceives a very familiar pattern where none actually exists. To put it simply, it’s a bug in your mind that causes you to see things that aren’t really there.

To put this “psychological phenomenon” into test,” below are a series of images that will determine if you have the bizarre condition. Scroll down below and see if you’re a pareidoliac!

#1. Donald Trump

#2. Cookie Monster

#3. Scrat from Ice Age

Source: LylaRevilla
#4. Chewbacca

Source: ripplin
#5. Stormtrooper

#6. Thomas the Tank Engine.

Source: Burkvest71
#7. The Scream Mask

#8. Darth Vader

Source: 2ofSorts
#9. The Scream Painting by Edvard Munch

#10. Raphael of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Source: raging_rage
#11. Batman and His Shadow

Source: MisterNRG
#12. Bob from the Simpsons

Source: MrSllew
#13. The Sorting Cone in Harry Potter

#14. Snoopy Wearing a Hat

Source: triplejdude
#15. Groot

#16. Cookie Monster

Source: aruffone
#17. ET

Source: cheftlp1221
#18. Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc.

Source: Teggert
#19. Super Mario

#20. Spider-Man

Source: zgold2192
#21. Admiral Ackbar

Source: Vanhole
#22. Godzilla

Source: Rappista
#23. Wall-E’s Eyes

Source: El_SpankBank
#24. Severus Snape

Source: ajt115
#25. Quasimodo

Source: worden26
#26. Roberto From Futurama

Source: coughballs
#27. Sloth From Zootopia

Source: sirlos
#28. Jabba The Hutt

Source: JiveMonkey
#29. Mushu From Mulan

Source: seiteta
#30. Zoidberg

Source: george_s_4
#31. Rafiki From Lion King

Source: SweetSound
#32. Sylvester Stallone

#33. Sid The Sloth

#34. Princess Leia

#35. Grumpy Cat

Source: bencub91
#36. Cookie Monster

Source: the-hang man
#37. Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Source: Imgur
#38. Yoda

Source: s3v3n2
#39. Jar-Jar Binks

#40. Admiral Ackbar


40 Funny Posts About Husbands Who Are Totally ‘Dying’ Because Of Man Cold

“My husband has a cold so I’m officially on the market again.”

Getting sick is never a pleasant experience but do you know what’s worse? Apparently, its being a wife and having to listen to your husband’s endless complain about his man cold.

We bet you have heard about the man cold. In essence, it’s the same as any ordinary cold - only with a lot of exaggeration and unnecessary drama in between. In fact, it has been ridiculed over and over by wives and medical professionals just because they’re, well, plain ridiculous.

As you will see on the funny compilation below, some men are just so unbearable when they’re not feeling well. Go browse the posts and prepare to laugh out loud:

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Legendary Photoshop Troll Strikes Again With New Hilarious Photo Edits

“Can you make me look less like a child?” Yes, sir.

If you are a frequent visitor here at our site, you are probably aware that we've already featured many hilarious Photoshop edits in the past. There's the dumped teen who used the software to erase her ex on her fabulous prom pictures with images of Hollywood hottie Ryan Reynolds. Or how about Korea's very own We Do Phoshop who churned out some extremely funny edits?

Well when it comes to Photoshop trolling, there obviously isn't as big of a troll and as popular as James Fridman. The man is basically a legend on the internet these days!

As most of us know by now, Fridman gained fame by receiving requests from netizens and then doing it while injecting his own brand of twisted humor. No matter how well-explained or poorly-worded an instruction is, he does find a way to do something about it and transform the image into something that just cracks up everyone.

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Professor Played By Student In His Own Game, Shows Up With Giant Cheat Sheet On Exam

A professor who allowed his class to bring a cheat sheet during the exam was outsmarted by a student who brought a giant notecard.

Education is something that every youth should take seriously if they wish to have the better future that they ought to enjoy during their adolescence. Finishing school though is never that easy as it takes years of grueling homeworks, projects, reports, thesis and exams!

Exams are crucial part of every semester in school. They are a way for teachers to assess how much the students have learned in a period, hence it means going through pages of lessons for the kids. As it can be mind-stressful for kids to read and memorize thousands of terms or formulas overnight, some dare to resort to cheating so they can pass their exams. Be careful not to get caught though as cheating is a mortal sin during tests.

This student was being hilariously obedient to his professor's instructions about the cheat sheet that they were allowed to bring during the exams.

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