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Talls Buildings Should Have This Escape Chute For Fire and Earthquake Emergencies

Why aren’t we backing this?


These days, it pays to be extremely careful and ready for any emergency. It could be a natural disaster or an unexpected encounter with dangerous entities. For emergencies, like a fire or other instances when stairs become inaccessible, there’s an emergency escape chute that can be your lifesaver.

This Escape Chute was specifically designed to work as a safe and efficient way to escape burning buildings and other compromised structures. The invention isn’t new, but it seems more relevant than ever to have this escape unit installed in buildings everywhere.

The escape chute becomes an exit route when stairways are not an option.

The Escape Chute is installed in an outer area of a building, and it is deployed during an emergency. It can either be permanently or temporarily attached to the structure. The chute, made of fireproof material, hangs down vertically.

It is two feet wide but is stretchable.

The escape chute is usually found in mining sites and similar locations, but it has also been installed in other high-rise buildings.

Watch how the Escape Chute works below:

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To use the escape chute, the person ymust first lower their body into the chute.

Then, the person must push their hands against the wall as they slide down the chute. The strong and stretchable material ensures that the person doesn’t slide down too fast and hurt themselves while trying to evacuate. A person going down the chute travels an average of 12 feet per second.

The way the escape chute is structured, people will be able to land safely on their feet.

The chute can reportedly evacuate as many as 375 people in under 20 minutes. Up to 24 people can slide down at one time.

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Why Yakuza Gangsters Cut Off Their Pinky Fingers

Aside from their intricate full-body skin art, another distinct indication that a person may be a member of Yakuza is this – a missing pinky finger.

Aside from their intricate full-body skin art, another distinct indication that a person may be a member of Yakuza is this – a missing pinky finger. It’s an open-secret ritual of the notorious Japanese gang and we’ve seen it depicted even in pop culture, most recently in Netflix’s crime drama movie The Outsider starring Jared Leto.

The tradition, called Yubitsume, requires the amputation of a portion of the said body part as a punishment for a member’s grave wrongdoings. This is their brutal way of showing sincere apology and remorse.

Yubitsume, which literally translates to ‘finger shortening’, is seen as a method of atonement for a Yakuza member’s offenses.

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China Looks Like a Magical Place As Cherry Blossoms Bloom to Perfection

It seems the national flower of Japan has found a new home.

When people hear or read “Cherry blossoms,” they often associate it with the spring in Japan. After all, it is one of the things that made the Land of Rising Sun a tourist destination. While this is true, China actually has its own blossoms – and it is quite magical. They are so exceptionally beautiful they could become the country’s national symbol, too. The Sleeping Giant of Asia has been flooded by an ocean packed with colorful blossoms that seem to turn the nation into a magical place.

As expected, hundreds of tourists – and even residents – from across the world are paying China a visit. They want to go to the different sites to admire all of the country’s gorgeous floral children of spring. At Kunming Zoo in Yunnan Province, for instance: The 19th Cherry Blossom Festival has already begun and is expected to last for a month. It features over 5,000 flowering cherry as well as crab-apple trees.

With apromise of beauty, you surely would want to experience China's cherry blossoms.

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Family Helps Pregnant Stingray Give Birth On The Beach

This is one of the many rescue stories that should restore your faith in humanity.

A stingray that got pulled from a line and stranded on the beach has just given birth to baby stingrays - all thanks to a family of beachgoers who were at the scene.

Apparently, the stingray got its jaw stuck in a hook and it is believed that it got caught on a fishing line. While lying on its back on the shore, a group of people saw little barbs emerging from its cloaca and that's when they realize that the sea creature is actually pregnant.

The stingray is reportedly caught on the line by accident.

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