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Talls Buildings Should Have This Escape Chute For Fire and Earthquake Emergencies





These days, it pays to be extremely careful and ready for any emergency. It could be a natural disaster or an unexpected encounter with dangerous entities. For emergencies, like a fire or other instances when stairs become inaccessible, there’s an emergency escape chute that can be your lifesaver.

This Escape Chute was specifically designed to work as a safe and efficient way to escape burning buildings and other compromised structures. The invention isn’t new, but it seems more relevant than ever to have this escape unit installed in buildings everywhere.

The escape chute becomes an exit route when stairways are not an option.

The Escape Chute is installed in an outer area of a building, and it is deployed during an emergency. It can either be permanently or temporarily attached to the structure. The chute, made of fireproof material, hangs down vertically.

It is two feet wide but is stretchable.

The escape chute is usually found in mining sites and similar locations, but it has also been installed in other high-rise buildings.

Watch how the Escape Chute works below:

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To use the escape chute, the person ymust first lower their body into the chute.

Then, the person must push their hands against the wall as they slide down the chute. The strong and stretchable material ensures that the person doesn’t slide down too fast and hurt themselves while trying to evacuate. A person going down the chute travels an average of 12 feet per second.

The way the escape chute is structured, people will be able to land safely on their feet.

The chute can reportedly evacuate as many as 375 people in under 20 minutes. Up to 24 people can slide down at one time.

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