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50 Epic Toy Design Fails That Are So Awful, They’re Hilarious!

Whoever green-lighted these ideas and designs needs to be fired!






There is a reason why design is an important part of any brand or company. It helps relay a message in the most appropriate and effective way. Unfortunately, even some designers do not really understand this.

Take for example: toys. They are mostly designed by adults and thus you would expect a good amount of consideration before manufacturing them. As you will see below, that is certainly not always the case.

We here at Elite Readers have compiled a list of toys that have the crappiest design evers. They suck so much that you want to punch yourself in the face. And, of course, you cannot help but wish that the person who green-lighted these ideas gets fired. Because seriously, they are ugly. And we can only imagine the disappointment kids felt after seeing them.

Scroll down below to see for yourself. We bet you will feel just as bad as we did!


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By now, we are sure you will agree – these toy designs are totally cringe-worthy! We bet the people who made them were pretty much lazy – or simply did not know how to do their jobs right.

So, what do you think about this compilation of ugly toy designs? Was your childhood somehow ruined? In any case, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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