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Epic Zombie Apocalypse Prank Almost Gave Brazilian Subway Passengers a Heart Attack.





So you pull out a penny on your pocket, buys a subway ticket and rides it thinking how miserable your life must have been all throughout these years. With blank spaces, you try to search for a new adventure as you go through the window panes when all of a sudden the train goes randomly ballistic and traps you in the four corners of the tube living you no choice but to dance to the blinking lights inside it. Not only that, what would you do if the only hope you have say the pilot of the subway starts yelling for help then you heard his horrifying agonies of death? Well, basically, you freak out!

Fearing you might be the next victim of the horrible massacre, you naturally try to find desperate measures how to escape the enclosed subway right? However, will you still manage to do that if a bunch of extremely hungry cannibals are ready to feast with no other than yourself once you stepped right outside the tube!?

This is no difference to the victims of the “modus operandi” of say a bunch of zombies who decided to pay a visit to the “lucky” random passengers travelling the Brazilian subway either in solo or a small group at the wee hours of the night. It is no wonder they initially started calling all the angels and saints who could possibly send a miracle ASAP! Lucky for them, the whole close to reality was just a prank!

Watch the Epic Prank:

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Kudos to the whole team behind the theatrical production, the near-to-perfection gimmick almost had the passengers a heart attack! With the whole coverage of the Brazilian TV network SBT installed inside the public transportation, the Silvio Santos show-inspired asks the same question, why oh why did I ever take the subway? Hahaha!

H/T: breakingnews

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