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30 Epic Quotes and Advices from Funny Fathers

Share your dad’s funniest quote or advice below!


Most fathers have a knack for terrible daddy jokes and we absolutely love them for it. Let’s face it – life would be bland without their horrible attempts at wisecracks and puns. Every once in a while, some dads also come up with brilliant (and not-so-brilliant) quotes and advices that become really, really memorable for their children.

Case in point, popular talk show host Jimmy Fallon invited Twitter netizens to “tweet out something weird, funny, or embarrassing your dad has said” using the hashtags #DadQuotes and #Dadvice.

The results have been, well, epic to say the least.

Check out the funny tweets below and prepare to have a total laugh fest!

#1. “Do I look fat, dad?”

Source: lilhannahs
#2. Fathers always know what to say.

Source: susy_faus
#3. Geez, dad!

Source: haythax7
#4. Buckle up.

Source: tpatt356
#5. How I learned to catch balls.

Source: craigbackus


Artist Guy Has Been Drawing Daily Comics For His Girlfriend For 6 Years Now

The result is both hilarious and heartwarming!

Autobiographical comics, when done right, can be really hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. Case in point, this series of diary comics from a guy from Instagram is both funny and touching.

Pete Duffield, artist of online comic ‘Kellie and Pete’, has been recently featured in BoredPanda and according to him, he began “making illustrations” for his girlfriend Kellie 6 years ago “to capture the funny things we say and do.”

Pete further shared:

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Man And His Girlfriend Rode the Slingshot, Got So Traumatized He Screamed For His Momma

Dude totally lost his man card!

The slingshot is probably one of the scariest rides at the amusement park. Two passengers are propelled more than 300 feet up in the air at around 100 miles per hour. It’s not for the faint of heart. Now sexist ones will tell you that the slingshot is more of a man’s ride and that women may not be up for the challenge of being ejected vertically.

This video says otherwise because dude practically lost his manhood when he rode the slingshot with his girl; up there in the air, HE practically lost it while his girl seemed to enjoy it more than he did!

The hilarious video started with the couple nervously waiting to be ejected up into the air.

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Shocked Teen Records Her Mom Making Loud Noises While Doing The Deed

She’ll be scarred for life!

It’s mortifying enough for teens when parents bring up the subject of the birds and the bees but nothing can be more embarrassing than accidentally seeing parents do the deed. Some youngsters have walked in on their parents while others, like this one teenage girl, had to endure listening the loud sounds her mom is making while having a good time with her boyfriend in the bedroom.

A teenage girl recorded herself reacting to loud noises from the other room where mom and her boyfriend are and the video has gone viral. In the footage, the girl was sleeping over with a friend when they heard the mom moaning.

The friend in the video tells viewers to be very quiet and the girl lets her audience know that her mom is in the other room making love to her boyfriend -- really loudly.

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