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30 Epic Quotes and Advices from Funny Fathers





Most fathers have a knack for terrible daddy jokes and we absolutely love them for it. Let’s face it – life would be bland without their horrible attempts at wisecracks and puns. Every once in a while, some dads also come up with brilliant (and not-so-brilliant) quotes and advices that become really, really memorable for their children.

Case in point, popular talk show host Jimmy Fallon invited Twitter netizens to “tweet out something weird, funny, or embarrassing your dad has said” using the hashtags #DadQuotes and #Dadvice.

The results have been, well, epic to say the least.

Check out the funny tweets below and prepare to have a total laugh fest!

#1. “Do I look fat, dad?”

Source: lilhannahs
#2. Fathers always know what to say.

Source: susy_faus
#3. Geez, dad!

Source: haythax7
#4. Buckle up.

Source: tpatt356
#5. How I learned to catch balls.

Source: craigbackus
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