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This is What Happens When an Alligator Bites an Electric Eel





Electric eels (Electrophorus electricus) can produce at least 600 volts of electricity as a defense mechanism to stun or keep predators away. In fact, the electric charge it can emit is powerful enough to knock a horse off its feet. So imagine what could happen if someone or something attempts to touch or bite this fish?

Unfortunately, nobody taught this baby alligator about this fact so it had to learn about it the hard way. The man in the video saw a seemingly trapped electric eel beside an alligator. As the reptile drew closer, the eel tried to release itself from the trap.

But one swift move was all it took and the baby gator had the eel between its sharp teeth. Just as the gator thought it would have its sumptuous meal for the day, the eel stunned the poor gator and it convulsed in the water!

Watch the video:

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H/T: National Geographic

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