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Couple Who Had Been Together for 67 Years Died Holding Each Others’ Hands. A Beautiful Love Story!





Love is an inexplicable feeling that brings two people together. Some people are just meant to be and no matter what happens through their life, love will find a way to bring them together in the end.

Meet Floyd and Violet Hartwig; they grew up together in Easton California but they were separated when Floyd enlisted in the US navy after graduation. But after a couple of years, the two met each other again and this time, they have been inseparable.

They work on their ranch diligently and they build a loving family. But as they advance in age, both of them grew weaker. Violet first became ill and shortly after, Floyd was diagnosed with kidney failure. In their final moments, their children decided to bring together their parents’ hospital beds so they could hold each other. They passed away hand in hand and the Hartwig children knew this is what their parents wanted all along.

Watch as Donna recalled the entire story of her parents in this video:

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Credits: thefresnobee via The San Francisco Globe

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