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Man Secretly Proposes To Girlfriend For A Month And She Never Noticed

She was entirely clueless the whole time!

  • A guy recently went viral for his unique way of proposing to his girlfriend.
  • Edi Okoro wanted to pop the question to his girlfriend Cally Read.
  • He did it by taking a bunch of random photos with his girlfriend and the diamond ring in the background.
  • She later said yes – and he never got caught!

These days, men thinking of proposing to their girlfriends are under so much pressure. With so many marriage proposals going viral on social media, coming up with a unique idea is never an easy thing. It’s no longer as simple as dropping on one knee and popping the golden question!

Well one guy just proved that sometimes a proposal doesn’t have to be grand – it just has to be done with sincerity and a little bit of creativity.

Edi Okoro of Herefordshire, UK decided to buy a diamond ring several months ago. He’s been planning to propose to Cally Read, his girlfriend, but didn’t have a specific date in mind. So he brought the ring with him wherever they went while waiting for the right timing.

A month passed and he still haven’t proposed so he later made the decision to document the moments instead. He’d simply take photos of the ring while Cally wasn’t looking – or was sleeping!

In his Facebook post, Edi shared:

“The idea was to take as many photos, in more daring scenarios, until I found the perfect moment to propose, or until I got caught, at which point I would propose!”

Go check out some of the snapshots from Edi’s “How I Proposed To Cally” album here:

The crazy “proposal” eventually went viral after thousands of Facebook netizens took time to share the post.

We later see a photo showing Cally wearing the ring so it’s safe to assume that she said yes.

Edi, however, refused to share how the actual proposal went down, saying it’s “a story for another time.” And in case you’re curious, he clarifies that he never got caught and Cally only learned about everything after several weeks.

Well congrats to Edi and Cally and thanks for sharing your sweet story with the whole world!


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