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Drunk Brazilian Guy Shot His Penis After Taunting An Alligator

Man, this is hilarious (and sad at the same time)!


Everyone says do not mess with an alligator. Let me tell you that they know what they were talking about. However, drunk men always think otherwise and never seem to learn.

A drunk Brazilian guy was so tipsy and was showing off to his friends. He got a shotgun and tapped the alligator with the butt of the gun. Unfortunately, the gun went off and shot his crotch. It also startled the alligator.

A Brazilian guy got drunk and wandered to the swamp trying to spook an alligator using a shotgun.

When the shot was fired, he dropped the gun in the swamp. The unnamed man ran to his friends clutching a wound between his legs. The video got cut and we would like to assume that the friends attended the wounded.

He was successful spooking the gator but the gun accidentally fired after the butt of the gun touched the beast.

Brazil is home to the great Amazon river, the natural habitat of some of the deadly animals, including alligators. Alligators attack prey when hungry or threatened. It has a very powerful bite.

The incident is all caught in a hilarious (but we shouldn’t laugh) video. It is an eternal evidence of his drunkenness along with his wound in his manhood.

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This guy has proven that he has some “balls”.

Ok, we can understand the goofiness in poking a gator and expecting to startle the deadly animal. However, pointing the barrel of the gun to your crotch is a bit dumb. It is kind of funny that the alligator did not cause him any injury.

The unnamed guy received a blow in the balls that made him run back to his friends.

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Naughty Child Destroys $1,300 Worth Of Make Up In Sephora

The damage that the kid left will surely make some ladies cry.

Make-up is a glorified item for cosmetics guru we often found on the feeds of our social media like Facebook and Youtube. Make-up lovers grieve as soon as they saw this photo online. A child destroyed $1,300 worth of make-up in Sephora.

Kids will be kids! We all know that children can be naughty when left unsupervised by their parents. The child who has done this probably got attracted to the colorful palettes on the sampler. Who wouldn’t right?

The damage that the kid left will surely make some ladies cry.

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Parents Sentenced 130 Years In Prison For Abandoning 9-Month-Old Twins

The grandparents are also facing multiple counts of child neglect although they pleaded not guilty.

A couple was sentenced with 130 years each in prison after they were found guilty of child neglect. This set of parents left their twin daughters in filth and starving to death. Some say that this is the worst case of child neglect they have seen.

Aislyn Miller, 24, and Kevin Fowler, 25, were both convicted of five counts of child neglect after their 9-month-old twins were found by the authorities weighing only eight pounds each during an urgent care visit in December 2016. The girls were immediately sent to the hospital and the couple was arrested.

Aislyn Miller and Kevin Fowler will spend the rest of their lives in prison after endagering the life of their twins.

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Rude Passenger Shamed for Dumping Trash On Aisle Instead of Waiting for Flight Attendant

What are your airplane horror stories?

Flying an airline passenger supposed to be glamorous as tickets are quite expensive compared to other modes of transportation. Airlines often boast their luxurious features and amenities to make flying a fun experience.

However, will you be able to enjoy your flight when you are flying with a rude passenger? Some people share their horror experience when flying. This could be the worst scenario that one can experience while traveling.

Rude passenger dumps trash in aisle of airline passenger.

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