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Captured Alligator Headbutts Wildlife Trapper, Slaps Police Officer In Fight For Freedom

The angry gator fought back and almost escaped when the trapper lost consciousness.


It was an epic showdown between man and beast. A huge alligator fought back against a wildlife trapper who tried to take it down. The reptile managed to knock the man out with a thundering headbutt. In addition to that, the captured animal slapped a police officer that tried to stop its escape.

The unidentified Florida Fish and Wildlife trapper was called to wrangle the eight-foot-long alligator that was wandering around an Ocoee neighborhood. However, the routine catch-and-release proved to be too much for the man. He was taken down by an unexpected headbutt as the reptile tried to get away from his captors. The trapper had no serious injuries from the encounter.

The alligator seemed docile when the trapper and police officers prepared to take it away.

Jack Redding filmed the incident, which he declared “was pretty crazy.” The video shows the trapper being helped by police officers heave the tied-up alligator into the back of a truck. However, the reptile thrashed and flipped its head back, catching the man square in the face. The trapper fell unconscious, forcing the police officers to try to hold the beast down. The animal retaliated by whipping its tail and slapping one officer smartly in the face.

The captive animal immediately thrashing when it was picked up from the ground.

The alligator swiftly slid down from the truck but was unable to escape due to its bindings. According to reports, FWC were able to secure the alligator.

The trapper is reportedly recovering from the encounter but might need to nurse a huge headache when he gains consciousness.

It has truly been a big week for feisty reptiles. In Australia, a crocodile finally fought back against the tiny terrier that terrorized it for 10 years. Casey finally caught Pippa the dog and dragged the pup into the Adelaide river. The two had been local celebrities at the Goat Island Lodge, where the little dog frequently chased the reptile away.

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Man Gets Matching Tattoo In Solidarity With Dog, Declares Himself ‘Neutered’

A man wanted to show how much he loved his pet so badly that he was ridiculed for it.

Dogs have been known to be man’s best friend for as long as we can remember. They have proven their unconditional love and loyalty time and again, making many humans feel like pleading the same level of dedication to their pets. But would you be willing to be ridiculed by the vicious online community only to prove solidarity with your furry pal?

Apparently, a man from Texas is. Chris Mendiola is a 26-year-old pet owner with an interesting story to tell about how he got matching tattoos with his beloved dog, Bear. Eight years ago, Chris and Bear crossed paths when the canine bounced from one owner to another and landed on the Texas man’s home.

Chris Mendiola would go to unusual lengths to prove his love for his pet dog, Bear

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EU Mandates ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Pregnant Cow To Be Put Down

She is expected to give birth in three months.

While a pregnant cow finally got reunited to its owner after having been separated from the rest of the herd for two weeks, it won’t be long before they will be separated once more. This time, however, the separation will be for good as the government has mandated that the cow should be put down.

Penka, the cow owned by Ivan Haralampiev, is expected to give birth in three-months time, but she may no longer reach that as the European Union (EU) has ruled that she must die. The decision came after Penka left her herd and wandered outside the EU border until she reached Serbia.

Penka wandered away from her herd and crossed the border of EU until she reached Serbia.

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Service Dog Gives Birth To Eight Puppies At Tampa Bay Airport While Waiting For Flight

Some passengers chose to miss their flight as they could not stop looking at the moving sight.

Passengers and employees of Tampa International Airport were recently treated to something that they don’t get to witness every day. With a service dog giving birth to puppies right at the airport before it could board the plane, some passengers even missed their flights as they could not take their eyes off the touching moment.

Eleanor "Ellie" Rigby is a two-year-old golden retriever that was supposed to accompany her owner, Diane Van Atter, in her trip to Philadelphia recently. While she and her owner were all set to board their plane, Ellie suddenly went into labor.

People at the airport just couldn't miss the touching moment.

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