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Scary Video Shows Alligator Climbing A Fence




  • A woman from Florida managed to film an alligator climbing a chain fence at a naval base.
  • The video went viral on social media, with many netizens pointing out how scary it is that the animal managed to “figure out” the fence.

As if alligators weren’t scary enough, A woman from Florida has recently spotted one climbing a fence.

Yes, folks: you’ve read that right. And we’ve got the proof of that right below because the creepy moment has actually been captured on film. You have to see it to believe it!

Well, that’s extremely freaky…

In a Facebook post by Christina Stewart, we see how a massive reptile managed to climb a fence at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

She wrote in her caption:

“When someone says there is [an] alligator on base, of course, I have to go see it. And glad I did got to watch him or her crawl over the gate and disappear. So neat.”

They CAN climb fences now? How is that even possible?!

It didn’t take too long before the photos and video eventually went viral on social media as it received numerous shares and reactions from netizens everywhere.

One commenter wrote:

“The fact that the fence doesn’t just deter him from going to that side of the street. It’s mind boggling that the alligator can recognize the fence and knows how to get over it. It’s both impressive and scary.”

Another said:

“God help us when they figure out door knobs!”

Soon thereafter, various media sources also started covering the story.

Watch the video report here:

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Authorities, however, said that there are no plans to remove the alligator from the area unless it poses a threat to the people there.

I don’t know about you but that feels like saying “let’s wait for it to harm someone before we do something.”

So in the mean time, steer clear of this place, everyone!

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