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Talented Homeless Artist Gets Her Own Solo Exhibit And It Sold Out





There is truly no such thing as hopeless. A homeless Filipina’s story has once again taught us that “Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures.” — Joseph Campbell.

Jhalanie Mutuan has lived her everyday life in the streets of Manila. Her mouth is hushed on the reasons behind her situation now and what her story was that led her wandering into the streets.

She begs in the streets and scavenges for food each day until one time she found broken art materials and this sparked her love for art once more.

Famed artists would sell their artworks for hefty amount of money but Jhalanie only sold hers for Php15 or $0.32! She only wanted to sell her paintings to get through the day. She priced her drawings for less than a dollar and it started selling like pancakes. Her artistic works made her earn more than she did begging in the streets.


Source: ABS-CBN News

A netizen has found her with her works in the streets and shared her story on social media. It quickly went viral and help from people started pouring in to give her not just food ,but also help to buy her art materials.

Coco Torre, an artist who works in an art gallery, heard her story from a friend and had a brilliant idea to help Jhalanie exhibit her works. After several weeks of searching for her, they found her on a sidewalk in Manila and precisely on the exact day of her birthday!

They talked to her about the art exhibit idea and although she was skeptical, she agreed to it.

Coco immediately announced it on social media and before they knew it, hundreds arrived at A Space Manila for her art exhibit entitled “Damgo Sa Kilid Dalan” (Sidewalk Dreams). All of her 40 displayed artworks were sold within hours.

Damgo Sa Kilid Dalan

Damgo Sa Kilid Dalan

All proceeds of the sales went to Jhalanie so she could start anew. She said that she wanted to be able to go back to her hometown in IloIlo, Central Philippines.

Jhalanie continues doing art. She wishes to be able to have a home and, if it is not yet too late, to be able to continue and finish schooling.

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