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How to Make a Classy Superhero Lamp Using Cheap Avengers Toys

Just wow! For a $15 project, this looks seriously impressive.

Mark Andrew





If you are a superhero geek and you’re looking for a good lamp, finding something that suits your fancy can be quite a challenge. Besides, most of the available choices in the market are either too bland or too childish.

Imgur user downtwobane resolved that problem by creating one for herself.

Using a bunch of small Marvel figures, some super glue, and spraypaint, she managed to craft a DIY superhero lamp that’s just as exciting as it is classy.

According to her post on the said site, her sister got her some Avengers toys for her birthday. Instead of playing with the action figures though, she decided to do something a bit more creative with them.

“My sister bought me some cheap Avengers playset at the Disney Store for my Birthday,” downtwobane shared.

diy superhero lamp 2

“I found a small lamp at the thrift store for $2.00 and super glued the figures to the lamp.”

diy superhero lamp 3

After gluing the characters, she started giving the lamp a “quick primer coat.”

diy superhero lamp 4

diy superhero lamp 5

Applying gold spray paint afterwards gave the lamp a very elegant vibe.

diy superhero lamp 6

diy superhero lamp 7

diy superhero lamp 8

diy superhero lamp 9

“The final product! I’m pretty proud of how well it turned out,” writes the creative Imgurian.

diy superhero lamp 10

“Total cost to make the lamp,” according to downtwobane, “was $15.00.”

diy superhero lamp 1

Just wow! For a $15 project, this looks seriously impressive.

Now I feel like digging up my old toys so I can recycle them and make one like this. Or hey, this sounds like a great DIY gift idea too if you know someone who loves these spandex-clad characters.

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5 Tiny Homes That Are Much Cozier Than Huge Mansions

Size doesn’t matter after all!

Mark Andrew



Let’s face it: hearing the words “cozy home” would likely bring to mind a spacious and elegant modern house - the stuff that rich people and popular celebrities live in.

While having a huge space is often desirable, it is not often the case for many of us who need to make the most of what we have. For those of us with much smaller homes, we have to be experts in cleaning and organizing things so we can still enjoy a comfortable dwelling place with our loved ones.

Well, it looks like size really doesn’t matter if you’re aiming to have a “cozy” house.

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Say Goodbye to Popcorn Ceiling Problems with This Simple Vacuum Trick

I will definitely try this at home!

Ivan Menchavez



For many people today, popcorn ceiling is no longer cool. It went out of style years ago and people who are still living in a house with popcorn or cottage ceilings are having a hard time trying to get rid of it. It’s either you change the whole structure of your ceiling or go through that rough DIY idea that may cause further destruction to your place and your appliances.

Houses with this type of ceiling are the ones built in the 60’s and 70’s. Those were the times when they were really popular. The fad even brought the popularity up until the early 80’s.

popcorn ceiling diy ideas

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When You See How Easy it is to Open a Padlock Using 2 Wrenches, You’ll Be Worried

If you think your belongings are safe with padlocks, think again…

Kris Evangelista



When we want to secure our belongings, we place it in a box, cabinet or locker and place a padlock on it.

Most of us think that a padlock is enough to protect our valuables from being stolen but this is not the case, our padlocks can be destroyed easily in just a few seconds.

The best way to protect your valuables is to place it inside a fireproof vault or keep it in a safe box with many different types of locks then hide it somewhere nobody could access or if you will go outside let’s say you will go to the gym; do not bring very important documents, gadgets, huge amount of money or jewelries so that even if your lock gets smashed, nothing important will be taken from you.

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