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Don’t Let Others Kiss Your Baby As Mom Shares How Her Little One Got Herpes

Don’t let other people kiss your baby and please, don’t kiss someone else’s baby.

Babies are truly so beautiful, cute and cuddly. That’s why most adults are really fond of infants. However, a mother is warning others against a viral infection that babies can have if other people would kiss them.

Christa Leandra Valdez shared on her Facebook account how her baby has acquired herpes from someone else’s kiss.

Christa says that she’s one of the mothers who wouldn’t allow anyone to kiss her baby. She admits, however, that it’s hard to monitor because there are those who would still kiss the baby anyway, no matter how the parents would say no.

Her baby, Ostiano, had a red rash on his toe.

Christa initially thought that the lesion would go away on its own. Unfortunately, the small rash turned into a blister.

Eventually, the blister got worse as the days went by.

The lesion turned into a very painful ulcer.

After a few days, it slowly dried up.

She took her baby to five different doctors in three cities over the course of four days.

Every doctor had diagnosed the baby with the same disease – Herptic Whitlow (Type 1 Herpes).

Christa said:

“The first three doctors couldn’t tell me exactly how he got it on his toe. Herptic Whitlow is normally seen on the hands and in the mouth.”

However, her baby had no blister on his hand or mouth. Christa decided to bring her baby to the Children’s Hospital. From there, she learned that her baby got the virus when a person who was infected with the virus kissed Ostiano on his mouth.

The baby then must have placed his hand in his mouth and touched his foot.

The baby may also have a wound or cut on his foot, providing the virus with a gateway to enter the body.

The bad thing is, since the baby is now infected, he may be susceptible to getting cold sores. Fortunately, the baby’s lesion has healed after three weeks.

Christa tells others who are fond of kissing babies:

“This is a lesson for people who think it’s okay to kiss babies just because they want to. You have no idea how fragile babies are. We all carry so much bacteria, viruses, and stuff we don’t even know about that could be passed on to them!”

“We don’t think that we could be potentially harming a baby when we’re just trying to show them love. Please, think before you kiss a baby! I hope the reason why Ostiano went through this is so people actually realize why us mothers don’t want people kissing our babies.”

She added that some mothers may seem overboard in protecting their babies and not letting others touch or kiss them. It’s not because they’re being “stingy” but because they are protecting their babies.

Do you let others kiss your baby? This is a lesson for everyone, not just mothers but those who love kissing babies, too. Think before kissing someone else’s baby.


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