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Mom Transforms Secondhand Dolls to Look Like Real Girls!





Dolls are toys that represent the innocence of young girls. Over the years, dolls have gone through changes that transformed their looks from being sweet and innocent to avant-garde or high-fashion models. What if these fully made-up dolls undergo make-under?

If Disney princesses have fairy godmothers, a bunch of pre-loved dolls found their own, in the person of Sonia Singh. Sonia, a Tasmanian artist and mother, bought dolls from thrift shops and made necessary changes. She gave the dolls a much-needed make-under by repainting their faces and re-conditioning their hair. Sonia, with the help of her mother, was so creative to mold new shoes and make new dresses for them!

These li’l fashion dolls have opted for a ‘tree change’, swapping high maintenance glitz ‘n glamour for down-to earth style,” Singh posts on her Tumblr account.

Tree Change Doll


Photo credit: Sonia Singh
Singh’s collection of Tree Change Dolls


Photo credit: Sonia Singh
Watch how she transformed fashion dolls to look like sweet little girls:

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