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Grieving Mom Turned Her Heartache Into A Powerful Campaign To Save Lives





Dylan Ramsay, a 13 year old, year-8 student at Parklands High School, was a strong, athletic teenager, but he drowned when swimming in a quarry lake in Lancashire on the 3rd of July, 2011.

Dylan was a very strong swimmer, but as he was swimming in the open water at Hill Top Quarry near Chorley, he tragically got into difficulty, his body started to go into shock due to the cold temperature and he drowned.


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Dylan’s mom, Beckie, could not understand how this could have happened, Dylan was swimming in the Lake district just few weeks prior to his death. He was strong and fit and healthy. Then she quickly realized that there was a massive difference to swimming in open water in comparison to swimming in an indoor swimming pool. After the tragedy, Beckie has been working to promote water safety though her “Doing It For Dylan” campaign.




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Beckie said:

“I want to make people aware of the difference between a swimming pool and outdoor water. Learning to swim doesn’t mean you can swim anywhere. I have dedicated my life to Doing it for Dylan. I will forever share my pain in the hope that it saves other families from going through the same pain. I am a campaign only and fund Everything myself I do hope to become a charity at a later stage. It is all about awareness, education & Prevention. I have to ensure that people understand the real dangers.”

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