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Homeless Dog Dying from Hideous Skin Disease Makes Amazing Transformation After Rescue





Animal Aid Unlimited is a sanctuary for helpless street animals in India. They rescue thousands of animals found in the streets of India and provide long-life care.

Just recently, Animal Aid Unlimited rescued another helpless poor dog from dying to severe mange. Mange is a skin disease which causes severe itching, hair loss, scabs and lesions. It is caused by external parasites, and usually affects mammals. Severe mange can cause infection, starvation and dehydration to its victim, and sadly, when severe mange is left untreated, it can cause death.

Fortunately, another street dog was saved from death as his rescuers gave him utmost care and love as he recovered from the disease.

It all started when they rescued the poor dog from the street…


He was then given much care…

aid 1

And medicated baths…


Watch at how six weeks of care can transform a dying dog into a healthy one.

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H/T: Animal Aid Unlimited,

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