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Homeless Dog Dying from Hideous Skin Disease Makes Amazing Transformation After Rescue

Watch as a dying dog from severe mange gets rescued and cared for by Animal Aid Unlimited in India.


Animal Aid Unlimited is a sanctuary for helpless street animals in India. They rescue thousands of animals found in the streets of India and provide long-life care.

Just recently, Animal Aid Unlimited rescued another helpless poor dog from dying to severe mange. Mange is a skin disease which causes severe itching, hair loss, scabs and lesions. It is caused by external parasites, and usually affects mammals. Severe mange can cause infection, starvation and dehydration to its victim, and sadly, when severe mange is left untreated, it can cause death.

Fortunately, another street dog was saved from death as his rescuers gave him utmost care and love as he recovered from the disease.

It all started when they rescued the poor dog from the street…


He was then given much care…

aid 1

And medicated baths…


Watch at how six weeks of care can transform a dying dog into a healthy one.

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Dad Captures Terrifying Moment His Son and Wife Rides a Slingshot

This is why I will never go on a sling shot ride.

Amusement parks are known to give us the best thrills with the different rides that guarantee euphoria and all mixed emotions to thrill-seekers, from kids to adults. A very famous and extreme ride available today is the Slingshot. It is supposed to be fun too until this happened.

13-year-old Trevor Larson and family friend Carrie Sueker are being strapped into place on The Catapult at Mt Olympus Theme Park & Water Park in Wisconsin Dells when suddenly, the Slingshot cable snapped and was whipped to the ground. Luckily, it happened before they were even catapulted into the air.

Moments before that, a man can be heard saying in the background,

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After Playing Outside, Child’s Dirty Handprint Reveals World of Microbes and Bacteria

Handprint of an 8-year-old child after playing outside show a variety of bacteria.

Our bodies are host to countless microbial organisms that are simply not visible to the naked eye. Some may be grossed out to know about them but the truth is that we benefit and depend on these microbes for important reasons. Good bacteria protects us from the harmful ones living in and on the visible parts of our bodies. It also helps combat  human diseases.

Lab technician Tasha Sturm of Cabrillo College in California  recently captured a variety of microorganisms present on her 8-year-old son's hand after a few minutes of playing outside.

Sturm had her son place his hand in a bowl with tryptic soy agar which forms a nutritious jelly that microbial bacteria like to eat. She then made sure that her son's palm was gently pressed to make contact with the agar. Afterwards, she incubated the specimen and set it aside. After a few days, this is how it looked like.

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“Couple” in Tinder Hilariously Envisions Their Miserable Future Together in 20 Messages

Normal couples try to stay away from this topic for as long as they can, but things escalated quickly for this odd couple on Tinder.


Connecting with total strangers on the dating app Tinder can give you the best conversation of your life or probably the worst. Compared to actual dating, online dating gives people the liberty to be whoever they want to be and that includes becoming the worst possible versions of themselves.

In less than 20 text messages, an odd “couple” on Tinder managed to imagine their future miserable life together. From their upcoming wedding to the bitter end of their marriage, the two creatively wove a story we often witness in real life.

Screenshots of the hilarious conversation of two complete strangers  gained Internet fame after being shared on Imgur. Like many conversations on Tinder, the two began with light flirty messages but things escalated quickly as their topic quickly shifted to planning their miserable future together.

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