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Doctors Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy Patients With Cancer To Make Profit

A doctor tried to make more money by diagnosing healthy people with cancer.

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Cancer is one of the illnesses out there that anyone of us never wishes to be diagnosed with. It is a killer that sucks on your savings before it drains all the life in you. But apparently, there is a deadlier disease out in the medical world and it is a lying doctor who kills the hope in patients for the sole purpose of making a profit.

Just imagine going through chemotherapy, surgeries, and other treatments when you don’t really have cancer. Just imagine shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars on medications for an illness that you are not really suffering from. The worse? Your regular, happy life gets disturbed all because of an intentional wrong diagnosis.

Cancer is a scary illness that none of us would want to acquire.

It may be hard to believe, but there are doctors who really do unscrupulous things for their thirst for money. Several doctors already confessed to intentionally diagnosing healthy people with cancer to make a profit. One of the most talked about cases related to this is Dr. Farid Fata’s millions of dollars fraud.

Some doctors use cancer to make more profit like Farid Fata.

Back in 2015, it was discovered that Dr. Fata wrongfully diagnosed several of his patients with cancer, and that the malpractice has been going on since 2009. He did the fraud through his medical businesses including the Michigan Hematology Oncology Centers that has offices in Clarkson, Bloomfield Hills, Lapeer, Sterling Heights, Troy and Oak Park. He also prescribed chemotherapy drugs to those patients and made money since doctors receive a kickback with such medication.

Fata intentionally diagnosed healthy people with cancer to get kickbacks from chemo treatments and medication.

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Admitting to his crime, Dr. Fata was charged with a $35-million Medicare fraud scheme for unnecessary oncology and hematology treatments. The government then stated that Fata had 1,200 patients diagnosed with cancer who received a total of $62 million from Medicare. His final bill total charged to the government shoot up to over $150 million.

Fata’s scam amounted to millions of dollars from medicare.

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U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade swore to have Fata indicted with life imprisonment for his crimes. She also described Fata’s crime as “the most egregious” health care fraud case their office has ever seen.

During the hearing of Fata’s case, he revealed all the cancer drugs he wrongfully prescribed and admitted: “I knew it was medically unnecessary.”

Fata is now behind the bars but there are more doctors admitting to committing the same fraud.

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There are more other doctors who are doing the same for the name of money. Retired Oncologist Dr. Sayed Mohammed said he already noticed the trend of fake diagnosis about a decade ago, saying:

“Many of these unscrupulous Physicians are like businessmen without a conscience. The only difference is they have your health and trust in their hands–a very dangerous combination when money is involved.”


19-Year-Old Model Auctioned Virginity For 2.5M Euro, Says It’s Like A Dream Come True

A U.S. teen model auctioned her virginity, collecting 2.5 million euros from the winning bidder.

Donna Marie Padua



Although some people still find it a taboo, 19-year-old Giselle chose to be practical and auctioned her virginity in exchange for multi-million money. Now, she’s all set to meet her buyer and enjoy the money she will be getting from selling her first time experience.

The U.S. model placed her virginity for bidding on the controversial auction website, Cinderella Escorts. Apparently, many were interested to buy her for sex where an Abu Dhabi-based businessman won her virginity for 2.5 million euros (over $2.9 M). This beats the $2.4 million offer from an unnamed Hollywood actor and the $1.8 million offer from a Russian politician.

Cinderella Escorts just sold another virgin online.

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Father Accidentally Bumps Into Son Kidnapped For Nine Months, Snatched Him From Abductors

A father was able to save his son from human traffickers when he accidentally bumped into him at a mall.

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Syndicates and gangs these days have an ingenious way of making a profit without exposing their identities. They use innocent children whom they send to the streets to beg for coins, or worse, they sell them to collect a bigger sum of money. While the unscrupulous enjoy this quick way of earning an income, the abducted children and their families are the ones suffering from the consequences of being apart from each other.

This was what happened to a man in China who lost his precious son to child traffickers. But nine months after the child was abducted, the father accidentally bumped into the kid at a mall and he didn’t waste the rare chance to save his son.

A Chinese father saw his abducted son at a shopping center walking around with human traffickers.

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Woman Shares Stunning Transformation From Man in Selfie Series

And her facial expression in the last photo proves how extremely happy she is.




A student by the name of Selgal has documented her transition from a man to a full-blown woman. She did this by sharing eye-opening photos showcasing her body’s transformation. The images beautifully capture her body’s transformation in what is called a hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The documentation covered more or less 17 months, and it also gave personal comments about Selgal’s feeling throughout the process. In its most organic form, HRT is about taking sex hormones and other hormonal medications.

Meet Selgal, a student who underwent HRT or cross-sex hormone therapy.

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