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This Marine Will Show You A Clever Survival Trick When You’re Drowning

Who would’ve thought that pants can helps save your life?


Swimming is one of the vital skills in order to survive an accident on water. However, not everyone can swim, and sometimes, even if one can swim, treading while waiting for help can be tiresome. In addition, a life vest is not always available when you need it. So, would that mean that surviving on water is impossible?

This Blew My Mind featured Mike the Marine in a video that shows how one can survive with a DIY life vest made from pants. It may not seem possible but with just a couple of steps, Mike was able to make a life vest which everyone can actually also make.

Watch the video here:

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Wasn’t that easy? Who would’ve thought that a pair of pants can be a life saver? And with the frequency of floods across the globe, this trick can actually save lives.

Learning how to make a DIY life vest can actually save a life. Share this to your friends now.

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What You See in The Toilet Can Save Your Life

Take a good look at your stool particularly its shade and texture as it can indicate if you’re in good health or not.


While many would cringe at the mere mention of the word poop, it is interesting to know that the appearance of our waste material says a lot about our health. In fact, by carefully observing our poop, we could actually save our lives.

Before flushing the toilet, take a good look at your stool particularly its shade and texture as it can indicate if you’re in good health or not.

While a smooth, soft and sausage-shaped poop indicates that you’re totally fine, a soft and sticky one could mean that you’re suffering from diseases like pancreatitis.

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Cool Pizza Necklace Allows You To Bring A Slice Wherever You Go

It’s a “bold and delicious” fashion statement.

Whether you love it as a thin crust or thick crust, there’s no denying that pizza is absolutely everyone’s favorite.

Originally invented by the Italians, this heavenly food is made of flour and different toppings. Throughout the years, different flavors have been introduced to the pizza-consuming public. Classics such as Pepperoni and Cheese, Mexican Red Wave, Golden Chicken Delight, the Pizza Margherita, are among some of the most popular pizza flavors. There’s definitely something for everyone whether you are a meat-lover or a vegetarian.

Pizza is so good the only tragedy is that you can’t always have it accessible when you are on the go. But oh well, now it seems you actually can.

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Sleep in Less Than a Minute with This Breathing Exercise

Watch this video and you’ll learn how to sleep in less than a minute.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? I guess we all do, and we've tried all techniques: walking, drinking warm milk, Excedrin PM, and even those expensive sleep machines. We have become desperate in getting sleep that we've tried all kinds of techniques but have always failed.

However, there is one simple exercise we can all do to help us get better sleep. Health expert Andrew Weil, M.D. shared a technique that not only helps one sleep in less than a minute, but also helps improve one's well-being.

It may sound impossible, but this technique has been shared in Weil's talks and has been effective for most of his patients. And the best thing about this technique is that it does not require any machine or special ritual: it's all about proper breathing.

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