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Here’s Why Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is WRONG!





Television and movies have conditioned us to picture dinosaurs a certain way. They have always been depicted as these terrifying, roaring monsters but not all we popularly know about dinosaurs are true. There are, in fact, some dinosaur myths that have been fooling many people for years.

Life Noggin tackles four of these dinosaur myths in their video entitled Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is WRONG! We give you the lowdown below.

Myth #1: The Tyrannosaurus Rex had snake-like scales.

Source: Dellex

When somebody says T-Rex, most people imagine a huge scaly carnivore. It turns out, however, that the T-Rex and other dinosaurs mostly likely had feathers. Scientists recently discovered a new species of dinosaur called the Kulindadromeus Zabaikalicus, which can prove that all dinosaurs could have actually had feathers. It might seem strange to picture a feathered T-Rex, but it’s highly probable!

Myth #2: The Velociraptor is as tall as humans.

Source: Dellex

Velociraptors are often pictured to be as tall as humans, but scientists believe these dinosaurs were only as tall as a medium-sized dog (about half a meter). This certainly changes our view of the quick and threatening Velociraptor.

Myth #3: Dinosaurs roar.

We’re all familiar with the terrifying roar of dinosaurs, but did you know that they most likely cooed or quacked like a duck instead? It’s also possible that they grumbled like a crocodile, but that’s about it. We guess it’s a little unsettling to think of dinosaurs quacking like a big duck, but that could have been the case.

Myth #4: Dinosaurs became extinct because of an asteroid impact.

Many also believe that all the dinosaurs died because of an asteroid impact, but scientists say that might not have been true. The catastrophe most likely played a role in the dinosaurs’ extinction, but it didn’t wipe them out completely. Other factors like lack of food, changing climates, sea level fluctuations, and volcanic activity are believed to have contributed to their species’ demise. Surprising, isn’t it?

Check out Life Noggin’s cool animated video about dinosaur myths below:

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