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7 Detailed Replicas Of Mini Cities Made Entirely Out Of Lego Blocks





Family theme park Legoland recreated seven mini-cities in what could be the most famous attraction in their California Resort yet – the Miniland USA. The creations, loyal to its place of reference up to the last detail, used more than 10 million Lego bricks all in all to create genuine replicas. It has brought Lego, the toy-building bricks designed for imaginative play, to a whole new level. Miniland USA not only attracts tourists, but it also has re-inspired kids and grown-ups alike to explore their creativity using Lego bricks.

Built at a 1:20 scale, it features more than 8,000 Minilanders roaming the streets of Miniland. It is a walk-through park where you can take a stroll and explore the avenues as if you’re touring the cities they represent, only smaller. To make it more realistic, you can even hear real-life sound effects as you go around. Here are the 7 mini cities featured in Legoland California:

1. New York City

Source: insider

The Big Apple is made up of more than 2 million Lego bricks. The sights include the One World Trade which stands at 26 feet and is considered the tallest Lego model in the US. And of course, another highlight is the iconic Statue of Liberty.

The incredible detail is nothing short of impressive. Look at the streets, and you will see the Minilanders bustling in daily life, some are skating, practising Tai-Chi, riding carriages, sunbathing, sailing boats and some like you, are just out for a stroll.

2. San Francisco

Source: insider

This mini city did construct at Billund, Denmark. Aside from the tiny cable cars that lined up the city’s hills, one of the most challenging pieces built in this area is the Golden Gate Bridge. The buildings are incredibly detailed and intricate. You can’t deny they look like the real thing.

3. New Orleans

Source: insider

This mini city showcases the iconic French Quarter and a mini Mardi Gras parade, with all the minuscule details, participated by a crowd of Minilanders.

4. Las Vegas

Source: insider

One Miniland visitor commented,

“It looks exactly like Vegas but less walking…”

This mini city features 10 different hotel properties and is Miniland’s most significant expansion.

5. Southern California

Source: insider

Some of the sight you would see are the Griffith Park Observatory, the Hollywood Bowl and the Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

It also includes San Diego’s historic Mission San Luis Rey with all the realistic details including its signature red tile roof. Aside from buildings, it has small beaches where surfers and sunbathers bask in the sun.

6. Washington, D.C.

Source: insider

Interesting enough, this mini-city features a presidential motorcade wherein two of its mini-figures are changed every four years depending on who won the election. In the past, these Presidents and their First Ladies displayed – Bill and Hillary Clinton, George and Laura Bush, Barack and Michelle Obama.

7. New England

Source: insider

Feature some of the most iconic and historical spots in this 6-state region.

Miniland USA began its exquisite display since the park opened in 1999. Some of the models have stood there for as long as 20 years.

What makes Miniland remarkable is its realistic portrayal of the places it represents. While it has significant, extremely detailed building structures, there are also little sights along the streets that have references to daily life.

It’s reality in minuscule pieces.

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