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Desperate Mom Begs Parents To Vaccinate Their Kids After Sick Daughter Catches Measles





Vaccination continues to be one of the hot debates in medicine. However, a desperate mother may have found a way to convince people to finally take the step. The young mom shared a story of how her sick daughter ended up catching measles from an unexpected location.

Nicole Stellon O’Donnell is an author and teacher who recently decided to share her shocking story. O’Donnell started off her social media plea with a simple message that revealed her daughter caught measles during a visit to a grocery store.

A random trip to the supermarket almost turned into a terrifying experience for O’Donnell’s child.

O’Donnell’s daughter was already undergoing chemotherapy when she caught measles. Unfortunately, this meant that the young girl’s immune system was weakened. As a result, she was more likely to suffer from the illness although she had been vaccinated.

The young cancer patient wasn’t the only one who was at risk after the “casual measles exposure”. O’Donnell revealed that the doctors had to check on other children in the clinic who may have been exposed to measles as well. This resulted in delays as the young patients had to be quarantined. In addition to that, the doctors considered having to give the children medication that could boost their white blood cell count.

Luckily, all the patients turned out fine. Nevertheless, O’Donnell shared her story in an effort to convince other parents to vaccinate their children to avoid a similar disaster.

O’Donnell stressed the importance of vaccination to the rest of the community.

Cancer patients have a higher risk of catching certain diseases especially when they have to undergo chemotherapy. This is due to their immune system being weaker. Unfortunately, they are still likely to get sicker although they have been vaccinated.

O’Donnell’s last message pleaded with other parents for the sake of other children.

“Please #vaccinate your kids. Please get your #flushot. It’s an act of compassion for the many children who need herd immunity because their immune systems are not working. #VaccinesWork,” she wrote.

Read O’Donnell’s plea below:

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