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Boyfriend Pranks Sleeping Girlfriend By Dropping Two Massive Pythons On Her





Imagine blissfully sleeping and then waking up with two massive pythons on your bed. Definitely not a good day, right?

This is what the poor woman in the video below recently experienced – and it looks like it terrified her pretty bad.

Her boyfriend, YouTube prankster Derek Deso, sneaked into her bedroom and then dumped two pythons from a cardboard box on her while she was resting. He was with several of his buddies, a camera crew and a snake handler.

YouTube prankster Derek Deson woke up his sleeping girlfriend and told her “Baby, don’t move – there’s two ginormous snakes on your butt!”


Source: YouTube
As you can expect, the poor girl immediately started screaming in panic and fear as she saw the serpents crawling on her body.


Source: YouTube
You can watch the prank video here:

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As you can see on the video, she repeatedly plead that they get the snakes off her but the men just watched and laughed, filming the whole thing. Derek even joked:

“He’s angry! He’s going up your butt!”

Later, the snake guy stepped in and took the serpents away. Derek then tried to comfort his girlfriend assuring her that the snakes were actually not venomous. The terrified girl continued crying telling him that it definitely was “not funny” at all. This was despite Deso’s assurance that the pythons were actually non-venomous.

The prank video immediately went viral. It attracted mixed reactions from viewers, with some saying it was hilarious and others saying the prank went too far.


Source: YouTube

One commenter, for example, wrote:

“I felt so bad for the girl… She was clearly really afraid of the snakes and everyone just stood there laughing while she was panicking. Like, no. Not funny.”

Meanwhile, another commented:

“Hilarious as hell. I have a fear of snakes I would’ve done the same thing.”

Well, what do you guys think about this? Is this funny or too cruel? Drop a comment below and tell us about it.

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