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Dead Teen Came Back to Life After 20 Mins, Claims He Saw Jesus Before Being Revived.





There are some things in this earthly life that cannot be explained by science. While deaths caused by diseases have corresponding medical explanations, what happens in near-death experiences are really hard to comprehend. Evidences behind these incidents are difficult to find, but for the families of those who had experienced it, it is simply a miracle.

Zack Clements is a 17-year-old student athlete who was generally healthy. But one day, he collapsed during gym class, and the doctors declared that he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. The doctors were preparing to make the announcement of his passing, but 20 minutes later, he survived and lived. The unbelievable part of the entire story was what Zack saw during the 20 minutes that he was technically and medically dead.

Watch the video to find out:

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Zack’s mother was so glad to finally have her son back. The entire family regard this happening as a miraculous event, which will surely keep in their faith forever.

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