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20 Unlucky People Who Just Found Out That They’ve Been Dating an Idiot





People have different ways of choosing their partners. Some choose those who are physically appealing, some opt to look for those who are financially secure, and still, some use personality as their sole basis. However, regardless of how you choose who you date, it is highly likely that you have some sort of standard that you follow. And, most definitely, you must meet at a certain level of intellect so you and your partner can connect.

But what will you do if sometime through your dating phase, you find out that your partner isn’t particularly bright? Will you dump them or will you stretch your patience and teach them what they need to know?

From girlfriends who think that the moon and the sun are one and the same to boyfriends who think that breastfeeding is a form of sexual harassment, you won’t believe just how these people lived to their age without knowing these things.

Check out these photos:

1. Dude, you dodged a bullet.

2. Just give him A for effort!

3. So the girlfriend didn’t want to lose the keys to the lock.

4. The girlfriend just asked what the “NO” meant.

Source: jaggedllama
5. He asked his wife to bring his basement shoes. She said, “The Opaads?”

6. The moon and the sun identity crisis.

7. His wife decided to open the pack this way.

8. Things just got so real.

9. Head North.

10. She told her boyfriend that she wasn’t feeling well and asked him to buy a thermometer on his way home.

11. Her husband asked if it was a Texas longhorn. Uhhh.

12. This is a different level of dumb.

13. He caught his girlfriend munching on these “Christmas cookies.” Uh, they’re dog treats.

14. A 5’1″ wife asked her 6’2″ husband to hang a mirror for her.

15. Breastfeeding misconceptions.

16. What is a noun?”

17. It was only like a cow.

18. He must’ve been afraid, very afraid.

19. No gender equality here.

20. Apparently, it was silent, too.

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