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Daredevil Captures Heart-stopping Flight Over the Majestic Swiss Alps.





Ever dreamt of flying? If you think that’s impossible, then you have to see this video of Brandon Mikesell, a daredevil from Seattle, who soared above the Swiss Alps wearing a wingsuit. His unbelievable experience was captured using a GoPro camera attached to his helmet and suit.

The video features Mikesell flying above steep cliffs, lush valleys, and barbed gulfs in the mountains of the Alps. After the exhilarating flight, he released a parachute to cap off the amazing experience.

In an interview with Fox News, he said,

“I am a very, very trained professional. I have been doing this for about four and a half years – I do it for the dream of flight, that’s pretty much what it comes down to for me.”

Watch the amazing video below:

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In contrast to how scary the video looked like, Mikesell confidently said,

“As soon as I leave, all that fear, all that fear that I have in my stomach, all the butterflies, all that goes away. It’s extremely, extremely peaceful.”

If ever you dare to experience the same thing, or other similar extreme adventures, GoPro cameras may come in handy as they are known to survive extreme temperatures, and close encounters in the wild.

In the coming years, the development of other wearable cameras is expected to increase, as Apple is said to include GoPro-like features to its products’ camera system.

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Credits: GoPro, FoxNews

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