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Traveler Spent 14 Months in 42 Countries and Danced With Thousands Of People

What better way to document your travels than to take a video of yourself dancing with the locals?


Traveling around the world is one of the most fruitful life goals anyone can have. More than being a tourist, who aims to see beautiful sights, one can truly have a rich experience when he/ she decides to become a true blue traveler, who interacts with the locals and indulges in the country’s culture.

In this video we found, Matt Harding traveled to 42 countries in 14 months and danced with thousands of locals as captured on tape. We can really tell that he had the time of his life and it is really inspiring to see an individual truly live and have fun. It is not about the dance, it is about the number of places he had been and the thousands of people he had interacted with that truly matter.

Watch the video here:

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This is Matt’s 2008 version of the video and more versions have been uploaded in the web. But according to YouTube users, they can’t help but go back to this particular clip as it provides such a refreshing and overall inspiring vibe to many.

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Credits: Matt Harding


Homeless Guy is the Latest Internet Sensation Because of His Excellent Piano Skills

This homeless guys piano-playing skills will totally blow you away.

You can never guess who the next internet star will be. As of the moment, that crown belongs to Donald Gould - a 51-year-old former Marine who happens to be homeless for the past seven years already.

Donald attracted a lot of attention online when a video of him was uploaded on YouTube. He surprised everyone with his fantastic musical skills when he sat down and laid his hands on a public piano.

Aroar Natasha was captivated by Donald’s excellent playing and so she took the footage and shared it online. Today, that video has exceeded 6 million views on YouTube since being uploaded just last June 30.

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These Proud Parents Share the Challenges Of Raising a Baby Born Without a Nose.

Having a baby with a congenital defect is hard but the way these parents handle it is remarkable!

All expecting parents wish nothing but for their little angel to come out safe and normal. This is the reason why would-be parents are willing to go through expensive diagnostic testings and recommended treatments just to make sure that their baby does not suffer from any abnormality.

Meet Brandi and Troy Thompson. Brandi gave birth to their baby named Eli, who was born with a rare condition called Congenital Arhinia. The couple did not know that Eli has this condition until after he was born.

Because of this rare congenital condition, Eli has no nose. Eli underwent a procedure called tracheostomy to compensate for his lack of nasal airway. Brandi and Troy need to monitor Eli 24/7 as his cry is basically soundless and his surgical site should be maintained. For Brandi, the hardest part is to think about Eli's future, specifically when the time comes that he arrives home from school and reports about kids questioning his nose.

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Adidas Turns Ocean Trash and Illegal Fishing Nets into Sneakers

Would you like to own a pair?


Adidas just came up with a shoe that is literally made from trash from  the ocean.

The German sports apparel company partnered with Parley for the Oceans, a multidisciplinary creative environmentalism organisation that aims to put an end to ocean pollution, to transform plastic waste and discarded fish nets in the ocean into a prototype for a new sustainable sneakers.

While the upper shoe is made from recycled plastics and actual green net fibers, the base is made of sustainable cushioning material.

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