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Dance Proposal At Central Park Is The Sweetest Thing Ever





They say life is much like dancing: you have to dance to the beat of the chapters in your life. We dance with our family, we dance with our friends, and sometimes we dance alone. It could also get challenging to dance to the music, especially if we do not know which step to take. In this case, a dance partner makes the music in our life worth dancing. Yes, love is much like dancing with a partner! Each step becomes easier and every rhythm of the music in our lives just makes sense. Much like the couple in this video.

Five years ago, Josh and Amanda met on the set of a dance video. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to complete it. So, this year, they decided to shoot another dance video, hoping they would be able to finish it.

It was just one ordinary day at Central Park, with people strolling around while the couple danced to Frank Sinatra’s “You Make Me Feel So Young”. However, before the couple finished their dance sequence, an interruption came up which stopped them from finishing their dance sequence, again!

Watch their video and find out how dancing to Frank Sinatra’s tune changed their lives forever!

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