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Woman Pretends To Be A Bush To Witness Sister’s Engagement

“We are 1 yr apart.. why are our lives so different rofl”

  • A woman found out that her sister’s boyfriend was planning to pop the question and wanted her to be present for the engagement.
  • Not wanting to be the third wheel, she decided to put on a ghillie suit and pretend to be a nearby bush.
  • Not surprisingly, the pictures have gone viral as people can’t stop laughing at her awesome effort.

Being able to witness an engagement is almost as exciting as being the one who gets proposed to. That’s why one woman went out of her way to be present as her future brother-in-law proposed to her sister. Interestingly, she found a clever way to sneak into the scene. She decided to pretend to be a bush so she could stay hidden as her sibling got engaged.

Therese Merkel was one of the first people to learn that her sister’s boyfriend Andrew Philibeck was going to propose. After all, Rachel had previously told Andrew that she wanted Therese to be there when he proposes. But how did Therese manage to be there for her sister while being out of sight? She bought a ghillie suit that would keep her camouflaged as a bush during the engagement.

Andrew proposed to Rachel in a scenic spot at a local conservation site filled with her favorite flowers. As Andrew asked his girlfriend to marry him, Rachel had no idea that her own sister was actually just a few feet away watching the entire thing.

Things got interesting as soon as Rachel accepted the proposal because Therese immediately jumped out and shouted, “She said yes! She said yes!”

“She was so confused, she was like, ‘What are you, a weird bush?'” Therese said. “It totally made the moment.”

Nothing to see here, just a bush in the middle of the path.

It’s an awesome and hilarious way to get engaged. There is little doubt that the couple will continue to have plenty of things to laugh about as long as Therese is around.


Man Pre-Records Hilarious Message For His Funeral, Makes Mourners Cry With Laughter

“Hello? Let me out, I f–kin’ died in here!”

  • An Irish man decided to make sure his funeral ended on a hilarious note by pulling one last prank on the mourners.
  • He pre-recorded a message that would be played when his coffin is lowered to the ground.
  • The message featured the man begging to be let out of the coffin and even included him singing a song for his loved ones.

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Mom Catches Her Son Using Alexa To Cheat On His Math Homework

“Alexa, 8 multiplied by 4!”

  • A 9-year-old Scottish boy named Bryce Gormanley recently went viral online after he was caught by his mom using Alexa for his mathematics homework.
  • The mom caught the act on tape and netizens couldn't help but laugh at the boy's ingenuity.

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Male Cat Needed Glucose Drip After Mating With Five Females in Just One Night

He was truly exhausted!

  • The cat's owner informed the pet hotel that Xiaopi was not neutered.
  • The staff let all the cats roam around at night.
  • Xiaopi mated with at least five female cats in a span of five to six hours.

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