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South Korean Artist Transforms Face Into Mesmerizing Optical Illusions Using Makeup

Impressive. And totally mind-bending.


Makeup artists can get very creative with their facial transformations. From putting on an ultra-glam look to becoming celebrity look-alikes, these artists never fail to impress people. However, for South Korean artist Dain Yoon, makeup transformation has been taken to a new level.

The 24-year-old artist, instead of putting on makeup to look like a famous personality or a movie character, transforms her face into optical illusions. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the visual effects of Yoon’s facial art.

Artist Dain Yoon’s works don’t really fit in what people call conventional makeup.

She focuses more on illusion art.

She identifies as a visual illusion artist.

Dain’s artistic talent was already evident even when she was still a young girl. This, later on, allowed her to enroll in prestigious art schools in South Korea. She had attended Yewon Arts Secondary, Seoul Arts High School and Korean National University of Arts.

Three years ago, Dain started posting photos of her illusion art on Instagram.

Naturally, people were impressed.

Dain uses her face, some brushes, face paint and makeup to achieve effects like the distorted look and blending in.

She revealed to Allure in 2017 that her love for painting started in elementary school. She’s passionate about things that no one has ever done before.

“Throughout my education in art, I realized that my talent lies in realistic painting. It’s been two years since I’ve begun to use my body as the canvas. I’ve always been interested in something others have not done and that’s when I ventured into ‘illusion art.”

Even with all her talent, Dain admits that painting on her face and body is a real challenge. Even she feels dizzy with her own creation.

“Drawing on my own body through the reflection on mirrors is a very difficult process. Hours of painting through mirror often makes me dizzy.”

Soon enough, her works earned her thousands of social media followers.

She even appeared on the Ellen Show.

Some people find it hard to believe that Dain’s makeup is real and doesn’t involve photo-editing.

Here’s proof. It’s all done by hand.

It’s real. No Photoshop required.

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