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25 Daily Struggles Only Lefties Will Understand

The struggle is real for left-handed people!






There is a world of a difference between being right- or left-handed— and that is on top of the main disparity of the dominant hand. Many people won’t understand that a seemingly small matter to most can make a mountain of a difference for the “lucky” few whose brains are wired differently.

Although some believe that left-handed people have advantages, they still face life with certain difficulties others don’t. Big or small, these challenges make life as a leftie quite different from righties— and a lot more interesting.

Here are 25 of many struggles lefties face every day:

1. Finding the Holy Grail of armchairs.

Studying is already hard, but schools and universities seem to have made it harder for lefties because these armchairs are very rare. In fact, even if they do exist, they aren’t even reserved for those who need it most.

2. Using “ergonomic” scissors.

Source: Pixabay

Taking this pair of scissors into consideration, it is safe to say that ergonomic ability depends on the user. Don’t you agree?

3. It’s either you cannot read them…

…or others won’t be able to!

Source: Pinterest

Either way, it’s clear that mugs aren’t made for lefties.

4. The same is true for pen decals.

5. Lefties have it hard when it comes to paperwork. Just take this folder, for example!

Source: Pixabay
6. Writing on spiral notebooks…

7. Or writing anywhere for that matter.

Source: Reddit

As if that isn’t torture enough, lefties are faced with an even greater evil.

8. A right-handed seatmate.

9. And then, the pen’s cap gradually unscrew.

10. Ice cream scoopers are obviously designed by a right-handed inventor…

Source: Amazon
11. And so are most can openers.

12. Video games are for righties…

Source: Pixabay
13. And so is measuring things.

Source: Pixabay
14. Lefties also struggle with answering crossword puzzles.

Source: Via

And its not because they are less smart than right-handed people but because their initial answers are irrecognizable even before they get to complete it!

15. Lefties also struggle when firing a weapon…

16. Playing cards…

Source: Pixabay
17. Swiping credit cards…

18. And using zippers.

Source: Pixabay

This already feels like a conspiracy!

19. It is also hard to find the “right” baseball mitt for lefties.

Source: Pixabay
20. And sometimes, they also pick up a glass only to find out it’s someone else’s.

Source: Pixabay
21. Lefties have to be creative when playing musical instruments…

Source: Pixabay
22. And using keyboard number pads.

Source: Pexels
23. Shaking hands with right-handed new acquaitances is also a pain…

But not more than…

24. …confirming that you’re a leftie even when people already see you writing with your left hand.

Still, lefties have one thing to get excited about:

25. Discovering that some of their favorite characters are left-handed, too.

Source: Disney

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