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Check Out This Waterproof Notebook Made of Stone!





Have you ever wanted to jot down your thoughts while you’re in the shower or taking a dip in the pool? Or are you the type to spill stuff all over your notebooks? While you can use your waterproof smartphone to avoid the problem, there’s just something so visceral about writing that tapping on keys just won’t cut it.

If you’re particular about writing stuff down, then you’ll love this waterproof notebook that’s not made of paper, but stone. The paper is called Rockstock. Rockstock is made by crushing stones into small particles and binding them with chemicals.

Imagine submerging these notebooks in water and not losing a single page of notes!

Imagine submerging these notebooks in water and not losing a single page of notes!

Source: Stone Paper

You can barely tell the difference when you’re using Rockstock versus regular paper but once you spill water on it and wipe it off, that’s when you’ll see its benefits.

Rockstock is manufactured from ground waste stone and off-cuts used in construction. It’s environment-friendly too since it has low carbon emission and uses less energy to produce than wood fiber, and it doesn’t generate sewage waste when manufactured.

On top of that, you don’t even need special inks to make marks on Rockstock paper. And while water might be the biggest threat against your paper, Rockstock is also resistant to mist, grease, moths, and insects. It’s also difficult to tear.

Rockstock also has an assortment of other varieties for different uses. It comes in a variety of weights ranging from 45microns through 700microns. It also has a post-it version called Rocktak. Rocktherm DT and Rocktak DT are direct thermal versions of Rockstock. And lastly, you can even throw waste using Rockbag, which is a range of bags, bin liners, trash sacks, and carry bags made from different versions of stone paper.

These magazines are printed on Rockstock Stone paper…


As well as these shopping bags.


Considering regular pulp paper is one of the largest emitters of airborne, waterborne, and solid waste, Rockstock is a better, more durable, and more pollutant-free alternative!

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