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30 Funny Photos Show The Struggle Of Left-Handed People In Everyday Life

In a right-handed world, the struggle is real for the left-handed people.






There’s no doubt that we’re living in a world packed with right-handed people. Heck, most companies would even base their product’s design and/or layout on right-handed people – from scissors to school or office desks to ring binders, everything seems to be designed by the righties and for the righties.

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  • Ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials including denim, silk and multiple layers of fabric
  • True left-handed blades make cutting easy and effective for left-handed users
  • High-grade, precision-ground, stainless steel blades offer a lasting sharp edge that cuts all the way to the tip
  • Ergonomic handle is sculpted to fit your hand, maximizing cutting control, and bent handle design keeps material flat for mistake-free cutting
  • Full lifetime warranty

However, this doesn’t mean that left-handed people are left without any recognition. There are still tons of stuff today that are created solely for them. In fact, one can argue that this world has always been ruled by the lefties. Think about Leonardo Da Vinci, Julius Caesar, Aristotle, Michelangelo, Albert Einstein and Neil Armstrong, among others. What do they all have in common? They’re are left-handed.

In today’s compilation, we’ll take you on a trip to the left side of the world. Below are photos that show the real struggle left-handed people face in this right-handed world. If you’re a leftie, this one’s for you!

#1. This isn’t “right”… right?

#2. Just nope.

#3. Left-handed can easily spark affection?

#4. Isn’t it obvious, kid?

#5. Legend says until now, it still stings.

#6. The struggle is real.

#7. This is so true. Like 100 percent legit.

#8. Told you, the scissors thing is a real issue.

#9. This should be called “Lefticism!”

#10. That’s why the the world’s brilliant minds are left-handed.

#11 Because they think that all human beings are born right-handed.

#12. Yup, they need to be resourceful most of the time.

#13. In a world full of right-handed stuff, lefties need to “stretch” (pun intended) always.

#14. At least, eraser isn’t just for papers.

#15. Nailed it!

#16. Enough to make them live like kings.

#17. Ladies and gents, meet the “Leftcutioner.”

#18. What’s up with the stigma anyway?

#19. Nice! Wait, what?

#20. Handshakes are simple to do, but not to left-handed dudes.

#21. Seriously though, why?

#22. Ah, okay? Any proof?

#23. Just another ordinary struggle. Nothing new here.

#24. This is perhaps the greatest invention yet!

#25. Why do fish swim? Or why are bananas yellow?

#26. Lifehack 101 for all lefties out there!

#27. A left-handed car opener is a must nowadays.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Left-Handed Classic Can Opener
  • Designed to hold in your right hand & turn with the stronger left hand.
  • Place opener on left side of can.
  • Twist away from your self with your left hand. It is a much easier motion for a lefty!

#28. “Should he be on that side or on the right side?

#29. “Some cutlery.” Pay attention to that.

#30. Ah, the horrors. They just never die.

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