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Epic Fail! 17 Examples Of Daddy Logic That Will Either Crack You Up Or Embarrass You Much

#6 is hysterical!

Mothers seem to have instinctive talent when it comes to nurturing children. By nature, most of them are caring and loving. They always know what to do to comfort a crying child. They are also skilled when it comes to giving sound advice, cheering up a nervous child for his or her first stage play, and many more. Mothers, as the old saying goes, really know best.

Fathers, on the other hand, don’t always have it as easy. The way they try to express affection, protect their children, and even do basic chores can be hilarious. Some guys are just plain goofballs and that doesn’t automatically change when they become dads.

What do I mean? Go scroll down and check out the 17 funny examples below:

#1. This is how one dad reminded the importance of not overspeeding.

dad-logic 1

Photo credit: Jokideo
#2. This never makes any sense…

dad-logic 2

Photo credit: FunnyJunk
#3. No ketchup should ever get wasted.

dad-logic 3

Photo credit: LikeALaugh
#4. You get punished even if you did nothing wrong sometimes…

dad-logic 4

Photo credit: RageGenerator
#5. Alone time with Mom vs. alone time with Dad.

dad-logic 5

Photo credit: LikeALaugh
#6. Amazing life advice!

dad-logic 6

Photo credit: LeFunny
#7. That suspicious Christmas instruction.

dad-logic 7

Photo credit: AmusingTruth
#8. This cringe-worthy blanket he gives you before you leave home for college.

dad-logic 8

Photo credit: DailyHaHa
#9. Don’t fall for it. It’s probably reverse-psychology!

Photo credit: Meme-LOL
#10. Trolling you for your Instagram posts.

dad-logic 10

Photo credit: AsianTown
#11. That last-minute gift idea.

dad-logic 11

Photo credit: LikeALaugh
#12. Just be grateful he didn’t wrap coins individually!

dad-logic 12

Photo credit: DontPokeTheBear
#13. Whoever said parenting has to take a backseat when you’re videogaming?

dad-logic 13

Photo credit: CheezBurger
#14. Time to take a bath!

dad-logic 14

Photo credit: Imgmoo
#15. To be fair, the baby seems to be enjoying it.

dad-logic 15

Photo credit: WhatToExpect
#16. Mommies would likely wear World’s Greatest Mom or something.

dad-logic 16

Photo credit: Indulgy
#17. Daddy will never get confused again.

dad-logic 17

Photo credit: Funny-Joke-Pictures



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