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Dad Films Family’s Christmas Mornings For 25 Years





Photographs are amazing. They capture a still shot of important moments that we had. However, they don’t always accurately remind us of how we felt at that exact time, especially when they were taken many years ago.

With that said, one dad opted to take videos instead. In fact, he filmed his family’s Christmas mornings for 25 years, and they are simply amazing.

From 1985 until 2009, Pat Confalone chronicled the growth of his children to adulthood. He captured his son Nick and daughter Patricia running, sliding and stumbling down the stairs to see Santa’s presents under the Christmas tree.

As Pat’s kids grew older, however, you’ll see different expressions from them. They go from excited children to embarrassed teenagers. What made it amazing though is the fact that both Nick and Patricia still did their Christmas tradition despite their age.

Nick is now a Los Angeles-based writer and producer, has two children, and his sister married that guy who appears around 2007 in the Christmas video and now works in real estate.

Now that he has a family of his own, Nick finally realized and appreciated the meaning of what their father had been doing for them every Christmas morning. So he edited two decades worth of footage to create one short film as a Christmas present for his dad. However, the series is not complete as some Nick couldn’t find some of the videos.

He posted the heartwarming video on YouTube, writing “Every year, our dad would tape us coming down the stairs. This is a compilation of all the videos I could find. Relatives and pets grow up and disappear, and new extended family members appear in their place.”

Nick released a shorter version of the original, which was 30 minutes long. The three-minute version has been watched over three million times on YouTube.

Watch the video here:

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