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Dad Arrives At School As Iron Man After Classmates Called Daughter A Liar





Throughout the years of the internet, we’ve heard of fathers around the world giving their all to make their kids happy. Today, we’re going to add another dad to the list.

A father in Beijing, China went above and beyond to cheer his daughter up after her classmates teased her. Bao Guojian’s daughter Lele, who was seven years old at the time, was called a liar when she told her classmates that her dad is Iron Man. So what did the dad do to defend her daughter’s honor? He arrived at her school wearing a costume of the popular Avenger.

Bao is an avid Marvel fan and a talented prop maker. He said after watching “Iron Man in 2008, he decided to make his own version of Tony Stark’s very famous suit.

So technically, Lele wasn’t lying to her classmates when she claimed that her dad is Iron Man because she had probably seen him wearing the costume multiple times.

Bao revealed that he wore his homemade Iron Man suit to his daughter’s school because Lele went home one day and was clearly upset. When he asked her what happened, Lele said that she told her classmates he’s Iron Man and they didn’t believe her.

So he decided to suit up in his prized Mark 17 Iron Man suit and made his way to her kindergarten.

His initial plan was just to show the Iron Man suit to his daughter’s classmates, but many kids were so excited to see him that the headmaster halted classes for the entire day so that the children can take photos with Iron Man.

Bao said:

“My daughter was so happy on that day; she kept walking in front of me while holding my hand, telling everyone she saw that ‘this is my dad.’”

He said in an interview that it took him more than two years to make the costume, and the project cost 30,000 Chinese Yuan (US$4,460.00), but it was all worth it after bringing Lele’s pride back.

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