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The Store Cashier Took a “Short Bathroom Break.” Now Watch What These Customers Did!





Honesty is vital to be observed in our everyday lives. We should be truthful in everything we do, regardless if there are people looking, CCTV recording or none.

Integrity and uprightness of actions are reflections of our conduct.

In today’s time, there are many temptations around the corner that threatens one’s will against honesty. However, what is important is to be able to keep our character high and in control. Stealing is illegal and taking things without the permission of the owner is an offense and is morally unacceptable regardless of the reasons involved.

To see how people will react when faced with temptations to steal, a social experiment was created by a Youtuber Johal. He wanted to determine if when people will readily commit an offense should the opportunity to commit one arises.

Johal pretended to be a cashier in a convenience store, where random people enter to shop. When an individual is about to pay to him at the counter, Johal says that he will need to have a very short break and would ask for a minute to wait for him. A hidden camera was installed to see how these random people would act in response once the cashier is out and not looking.

Watch the video of the social experiment:

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Surprisingly, all the people in the video took something from the store. Though they only took small things, what they did is still considered stealing.

In this experiment, the first customer stole a lighter; the second customer stole money from the cash register, and; the third customer stole a small item on the counter. When Johal nicely confronted the man who took money from the cashier, the latter returned the money but looked dismayed and mad about him being caught.

A customer took money from the cash register

A customer took money from the cash register

Source: Youtube

It’s disappointing and sad that all the people in his experiment took away something from the store just because nobody is looking.

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