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Japanese Restaurant Gets Rid of Rude Customers By Putting Up This Sign





Let’s face it: customers can indeed be rude sometimes. And if you’re a restaurant worker, dealing with these people can be a real pain in the head.

One pub in Japan, however, is taking control of the situation and they did it by simply putting up a single sign. What does the sign say, you ask? Well you’ve got to check it out below!

Twitter user @gin_shiru shared a picture of the store’s menu.

Source: Twitter

Translated to English, the sign reads:

“Yo! Beer!” — 1,000 yen

“Bring me a beer.” — 500 yen

“Excuse me. One beer please.” — 380 yen

“Customers are NOT GOD. Also, the staff at our pub are NOT THEIR SLAVES.

“At our pub, everyone is a valuable treasure. Thank you for your cooperation.

“With love from Konro-ya”

This shop’s customers will never be rude again.

Source: Twitter

The Twitter post has since gone viral and netizens reaacted positively to it, with many praising the pub for the great reminder.

One Twitter user said:

“I wish all of Japan’s restaurants did this.”

Another wrote:

“Oh geez, with the way I usually order, they’d probably charge me 10,000 yen lol.”

Meanwhile, someone asked:

“Do you get a discount if you’re even more extra polite?”

And then another joked:

“’I’m so sorry to ask while you’re so busy, but if you don’t mind, might I be able to please order a beer? Oh, please don’t rush, whenever you’re able to bring it is perfectly fine.’ I wonder how much that would cost me?”

The story has since been picked up by a lot of news websites.

CUPS Coffee and Tea went viral years ago because ofn a similar sign.

Of course, it is worth noting that this isn’t the first time someone came up with such an idea. For example, Austin Simms, owner of Cups Coffee and Tea in Roanoke, Virginia also went viral when he placed this sign right outside his store.

Let’s all hope more shops would follow suit. The world would be a better place if we had less disrespectful people.

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