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Customer Canceled GrabFood Order, So Delivery Rider Gave It To Homeless Man

“Today we help people, and another day, people will help us.”


For some, canceling an online food booking is such an easy option. While everybody has the right to change their minds, canceling something that you already confirmed is certainly not okay, especially that there are a lot of people out there who can’t even afford to eat every single day.

So when a GrabFood customer canceled an order of Mcdonald’s and the rider was already on his way, the latter found a perfect idea for the food. Instead of keeping it for himself or throwing it away, the GrabFood delivery rider decided to give the meal to a homeless man residing at Taman Jurong.

People who use the GrabFood service cancel food delivery orders all the time. Most of them don’t even care if the food is already cooked, packed, and on the way.

That’s precisely what happened to one GrabFood delivery personnel who didn’t complete his delivery because the customer canceled it before he even reached the location. He then took to social media to share the experience.

In a post shared on the Facebook group, GrabFood Delivery Rider Singapore, we see the photo of a homeless man eating food out of a GrabFood delivery bag.

The caption read:

“Customer (canceled their) order so we plan to give to homeless people who need (the food). Today we help people, and another day, people will help us. #Provision should not be rejected.”

After seeing the post, netizens praised the GrabFood rider for his kind actions. One even said that his move was a much better alternative than wasting the food by throwing it like the usual approach.

It is also worth noting that the homeless community in Singapore often goes unnoticed. Although many of them are employed, they, unfortunately, do not earn enough to afford homes and basic needs.


Elderly YouTuber Writes Down Names Of Subscribers And Thanks Them Individually

You wouldn’t believe how many subscribers he got after this video!

It’s no secret that fans are one of the main contributors to a social media star’s success. Unfortunately, not all of these influencers appreciate their supporters enough.

So when an elderly YouTuber from Portugal wrote down the names of his subscribers in a notebook to thank each one of them individually, it was a breath of fresh air - and it made him an instant YouTube hero. Not surprisingly, his action took the internet by storm and his post quickly went viral.

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Brazilian Artist Turns Old Tires Into Colorful Pet Beds

Would you get one of these environment-friendly pet beds for your own beloved dog or cat?

Most of us usually just throw away things that we no longer need. However, one Brazilian artist has found a great new purpose for old tires that have been tossed in the trash. He decided to turn the tires into amazing beds for your beloved pets.

Amarildo Silva is an awesome artist based in Campina Grande, Brazil who likes to take garbage left on the street and turning them into something useful. Silva started collecting tires when he realized that homeless animals would use them as makeshift beds. The craftsman decided he could repurpose the old tires and create them into an environmentally friendly and cozy bed for pets.

Silva has turned hundreds of old tires into amazing little pet beds.

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Man Uses Money He Found On The Street To Buy Food For Homeless People

Instead of pocketing the cash, he used it for the greater good.

Money doesn’t just grow on trees or magically appear when you need it. But there will be times that we would find some in private or public places. What you do with it, however, will describe who you really are.

Marvin Tan Juan Pigalan from the Philippines found a Php 500 (approximately US$ 9.62) bill while walking on the street. His first instinct was to return it to whoever it may belong to. But when he couldn’t find the person who dropped the cash, he thought of using it for a good cause instead of keeping it for himself.

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