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Garbage Man’s Daughter Graduates With College Degree and They’re Both Proud of Each Other!





One thing good parents have in common, regardless of their status in life, is that they’re always willing to do anything and everything for the good of their children. Take it from this Filipino father who works hard as a garbage collector so he can provide for the needs of his family.

The good news here, of course, is that his efforts are clearly paying off. As you’ve probably noticed in the headline, his daughter recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Meet 51-year-old Cristito Quimado – an awesome dad who works as a garbage man.

Despite the financial difficulties, the hardworking father not only manages to feed his family but support them in their education.

In an interview with local news network GMA, Cristito shared:

“My job is not easy, I handle all kinds of wastes… I’d always get scratches from shards of broken glass.”

He likewise shared that for the past 20 years, he wakes up really early since he has to report for work by 4M.

“I do it for my family, for my kids,” said the good dad.

Cristito only earns less than $1 a day but he makes it a point to set aside a portion of the money for his children’s schooling.

He pointed out:

“It’s hard to have a big family, but I strive for them. There are times when we don’t have money for food…
“Education is the only thing I can leave my children.”

Now Jenny Rose Quimado, his daughter, has graduated with a degree in Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Food Technology.

His daughter has always been proud of him and his job.

“I thank God for giving me my dad, he has a noble job. It’s okay even if his earnings are small, at least he’s not doing anything illegal.”

Cristito agreed:

“When people would ask what my job is, my daughter would always tell them that I am a garbage collector. She is not ashamed of what I do.”

Once she finally gets employed, it’s definitely going to be payback time, according to Jenny Rose.

“I want to bring you to good restaurants, I want to buy you nice clothes to wear. I cannot wait to start working already so I can help in supporting my siblings’ studies too.

“Thank you for always being for us. I love you.”

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