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Couple Sings Soulful Version Of ’One Day’ And Baby Instantly Becomes The Biggest Fan






The original version of a song will always be appreciated, but there are covers by regular people that are so good they go viral. In fact, one couple made a huge fan out of a baby when they sang a soulful duet of “One Day.”

The lyrics of the Matisyahu hit have struck a chord with a lot of people. Now, an Israeli couple made it even more special with their beautiful rendition of the popular song.

Source: YouTube

Just like any typical videos of people singing inside of a car, the clip started out with the couple turning the camera on, making sure that they capture the moment. After seeing the red light blinking, magic happened.

A couple of seconds in and it’s already obvious that the mother is an exquisite vocalist with an incredible array of pitch and mastery of rhythm. The father proves himself to be multi-talented – he does everything from singing, to background harmonizing, to even dropping a beat.

Music must be one of the most relieving and calming types of treatment and unwinding. Additionally, it is known to upgrade learning in infants and really causes them make various sorts of associations in their brains.

Source: YouTube

The couple looked so in love as they sang the inspirational song together. The two singers have beautiful vocal chemistry, and perfect harmony and their baby’s reaction is enough proof to say that they did a fantastic job.

She looks up at her daddy with pure bliss and knows she’s safe in her mother’s arms as her parents sang their hearts out. The sweet baby smiled widely and it’s almost as if she understood the lyrics of the Matisyahu’s song. She’s certainly enjoying some quality time with her favorite music, sung by mom and dad.

Watch the video here:

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