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Couple Living 8,000 Miles Apart Kept Meeting Halfway to Take the Same Photo

Indeed, love knows no boundaries.


Remember those cutesy photos and stuff you see on Facebook or Twitter? They definitely made you believe in love, right? There is no doubt that love is the most beautiful thing here on Earth. And it is perhaps the main reason why most of us continue to live in this ill-fated world.

Apparently, a couple is trying to conquer all odds and prove that love knows no boundaries. Rob and Jill first met each other while traveling. They knew that they had a thing for each other right at the beginning. However, they live more than 8,000 miles apart. Rob hails from the USA while Joli is from the Philippines.

Nonetheless, the distance did not get away from their feelings for each other. They decided to be creative and found a way to fight for their love. Since they both love traveling, they decided to “meet halfway” in different countries across the world.

In every trip, they would be together. But when it was time to go home, they had to say goodbye once again. As a souvenir from their trips, they would take at least one “dipkiss photo” in each place they visit. And as the years went by, they formed a collection.

Knowing that their photos would somehow inspire other people, they shared it online.

Joli was quoted saying,

Until recently, we’ve only shared these with friends and family. But we figured our photos could maybe help inspire more couples, especially those in LDRs.”

She added a piece of advice:

To all the LDR couples–always follow your heart, no matter the distance. Have faith, do your part and it’ll all work out in the end!”

Check out their story below!

#1. Milan, Italy

#2. Joshua Tree National Park, USA

#3. Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

#4. Barcelona, Spain

#5. Lisbon, Portugal

#6. New York City, USA

#7. Boracay Island, Philippines

#8. San Francisco, CA, USA

#9. Washington, DC, USA

#10. Monument Valley, Utah, USA

#11. Grandfather Mountain, NC, USA

#12. Walt Disney World, FL, USA

#13. Kizhi, Russia

#14. Napa Valley, CA, USA

#15. Albuquerque, NM, USA

#16. Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia

#17. Finally, After 3 Years, Rob Proposed to Joli in Moscow, Russia

#18. Of Course, She Said Yes!

#19. They Decided to Work on All Visas and Papeworks

#20. Got Married In Front of Their Friends and Family

#21. What a Beautiful Couple!

Indeed, LOVE is all we need.

This couple is definitely an inspiration!


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