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Heroic Cop Saves Dog From A Raging Fire





A cop from Policía Federal de México has received a lot of online admiration after he heroically saved a dog trapped in a raging fire. Lulu, the dog, couldn’t run away since she was stuck in the fence surrounding the building but the police willingly risked his life and rescued her from sure danger. Fortunately, the dog didn’t resist the help. Maybe she knew the man was there to save her.

The video was later uploaded on YouTube by the Policía Federal de México channel. Translated to English, the description read:

“In performing our work, we face different challenges, but we are always oriented to protect life.”

Watch the dramatic rescue here:

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Thousands have been touched by the cop’s kindness. It has also gained attention from news websites and the story have been shared numerous times on social media.

We tried to do some research to find out the officer’s name but there weren’t any information available. Anyway, our hats are off to you. Thank you for being brave enough to save that dog. You, sir, are a real hero!


H/T: Policía Federal de México

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