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21 of the Coolest Mailboxes You Will Ever See

If I were a postman, I’d take selfies right after delivering mails on these boxes.

Mark Andrew





These days, the experience of receiving a hand-written letter has gotten rarer and rarer. Besides, advances in modern technology has brought us emails and text messages – two communication tools that make it fast, easy, and cheap to communicate with anyone, anywhere.

When you open your mailbox nowadays, most of what you’ll get are credit card offers, newsletters, and other garbage.

Still, you shouldn’t let that thought stop you from creating a cool mailbox. Besides, it makes a great display outside your home plus you get to collect all your junk mail in style.

Ranker recently shared a compilation of awesome mailboxes across the world. We likewise did some searching and found these interesting takes on the good old mailbox. Some are made to look like animals, sexy pirates, football helmet, and more.

You’ll surely have a good laugh so go on, scroll down and have a look-see!

#1. Mailbox motorcycle.

coolest-mailboxes 1

#2. Just like your email.

coolest-mailboxes 2

#3. The homeowner is probably a golf lover.

coolest-mailboxes 3

#4. Die-hard riders.

coolest-mailboxes 4

#5. Nice truck!

coolest-mailboxes 5

#6. Car crashed.

coolest-mailboxes 6

#7. Excellent recycling idea.

coolest-mailboxes 7

#8. Looks more like a playground fixture than a mailbox.

coolest-mailboxes 8

#9. Halloween-themed, perhaps?

coolest-mailboxes 9

#10. Parroting back information

coolest-mailboxes 10

#11. Captain Jack Sparrow will be pleased.

coolest-mailboxes 11

#12. Simplistic but looks like a face from a far.

coolest-mailboxes 12

#13. Lovin’ this sleepy-eyed pig.

coolest-mailboxes 13

#14. Fuel dispenser turned mail-carrier.

coolest-mailboxes 14

#15. Electrical transformer.

coolest-mailboxes 15

#16. You’ve got mail – and a gun!

coolest-mailboxes 16

#17. Leprechaun.

coolest-mailboxes 17

#18. Cute but the mailbox looks like it stabbed the poor creature or something.

coolest-mailboxes 18

#19. This one’s really classy I’d put it inside the house if it were mine.

coolest-mailboxes 19

#20. The postman better hope no password is required.

coolest-mailboxes 20

#21. Cool-looking football-inspired mailbox.

coolest-mailboxes 21

I am willing to bet that most of the postmen took their selfies right after delivering mails on these addresses. These mailboxes look absolutely awesome.

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